Unknown Limitations

Ariela Sophia By Ariela Sophia, 7th Sep 2013 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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A short writeup on certain set backs which might be unknown.

My Tale

I have come to realize that I cared about so much for nothing. I allowed the wrong things get to me. I wasted productive time on unproductive ventures. Lamented, complained and grumbled about almost everything. Oh how crazy I was. There are a lot of things that limits an individual but I am going to write on the major three that affected me. Hopefully I will write about others someday.


My first mistake was letting people get to me. Never let the negative words from negative minds ruin your positive thinking, some people are just good at seeing no good in other people. I am not saying, do not listen to others,no far from it. Please listen to others but people of good virtue and counsel. When the wrong people say the wrong things to you,you consciously or unconsciously let them affect you. Nobody should make you think less of yourself.


Dream killers; pay little or no attention to such people. Friends or foes. Not everyone loves success,so they are a million and one persons who will rather tell you how hard something is. Life is a battle field,definitely not for the weak. Everyday is a challenge. Do not share your dreams or plans with just anybody. To a mediocre the glass is always half empty but to an optimist it is always half full.


This is the most important thing to look out for. It ought to be number one on the list but I will leave it here. Self,we are the architect of our lives. The choices we make are what we become. No one has total control over your life like you. Do not let yourself become your own demon. We decide to give into negativity or not. We have the gift of freewill. Do not look at yourself as a failure,what you see yourself as is what you become. You are the best of your kind. No one can do the things you can do. Maintain a positive attitude.
It will not be easy but keep going,keep believing,keep dreaming,reach for the stars.


Believe, Negativity, Self

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author avatar Ariela Sophia
I am an optimist. A combination of melancholic and choleric traits. My writings will be inspirational and very original. I hope to be able to reach out through my writings.

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author avatar Valerie ekure
3rd Oct 2013 (#)

Nice n inspirational write up kidoo u hve made me proud. Keep it up

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author avatar DAYJEE
3rd Oct 2013 (#)

Nice.. D 3rd point is actually 4 me "I'm d architect of my life"...Keep it up Doc

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author avatar Prechi
5th Oct 2013 (#)

This is exactly what I need today. .. Thanks sophia

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