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Sometimes surprises are nice but at other times they can cause stress. How you deal with this stress is more important that what caused it.

Planning It All Out

This week like I do every week I planned out my entire week around therapy schedules. This means that work is put off until therapy, laundry and whatever else goes into running a house without need of income is accomplished. Once all that has been accomplished it's time to squeeze work in where ever and when ever I can. I'm used to that so there wasn't a problem.

Seemingly Regular Week
The week was seemingly regular. I mean we went to all of our appointments except for the ones that were canceled due to the sickness of a therapists and the little one went to preschool. It was a seemingly normal week. I even did my budget for the next month because all of my bills are the same or about the same each month.This is where the problem set in.

Utilities are Necessary

Just because something is necessary doesn't mean that you enjoy paying for it. My big surprise was when the light bill came in. The budget billing service allows me the luxury of knowing what the bill is each month. At the present time it's set at $200 which giving the rate increases over the years and the repairs that need to be done that's about right.

Advantages of Budget Billing The advantage of budget billing is that I always know what the bill will be during the year. There aren't any surprises when it comes to high bills that could leave us in a position of having the lights cut off for an inability to pay. There is also a place at the bottom of the bill where the actual amounts were under or over are tracked which means I know exactly what to expect when it comes time to pay the settle up bill and start over with the budget billing cycle.

Outrageous Actual Reading My budget amount due is $200 but the actual reading and total bill in reality are something I never expected. The amount taken off to get to the budget amount for the bill due in February was $205.72 which means the bill was actually $405.72 after everything was added. My meter read that we had used $390.12 worth of electricity for the last 32 days putting us $158.92 over budget so far this year. I was surprised to say the least and began worrying about coming up with the amount that we were over budget since only a drastic reduction in usage will bring the usage amount down enough at this point.

Active Attempt to Reduce Usage While I had thought that I was doing everything that I could in order to save electricity it would appear that I was wrong according to the last bill that we received. I thought about it a while and the only two things that I could immediately come up with where the heat, washing machine and hot water usage in the house. All of these could be reduced with a bit of conscious effort so the attempts slowly began.

Drastic measures are currently being taken. I have a laptop computer that will not hold a charge so if I am using it then it is plugged in. I also have a cable connection for the Internet. The goal is to buy a wireless modem/router built into one so that the I can move my computer around to work. I also need a new battery to save the little bit of energy my computer uses while plugged in by just using the electricity to charge it. The way it is now I work all day with my computer plugged in then turn it and my surge protector off at night to cut the electricity to it. The microwave is left unplugged when not in use because of the clock on it. The television sets haven't been unplugged in a while, a practice that is fixing to be put back into practice.

Turning the heat down to 60 degrees has been done as well. It makes for a chilly morning most days but I sleep better at night, so does the little one. She gets hot easily. I have no idea what I'll do when the heat gets too much to leave the air off though.

More Surprises

Other Expenses There is a loan that's adding up not so nicely due to the daily interest charges on it. It was an emergency but now the repayment is causing a great deal of stress. It'll be paid off soon but that doesn't make my mind rest easier.

Running Out of Things One of the things that we're starting the month running out of are approximately $100 worth of the little ones nutritional supplements. While we're trying to potty train her she still has to have disposables at night to prevent her from having to sleep in a messy bed. Then there are all those things that I know are going to come up from time to time.

Well, so far that's all of the surprise for one week. I have a feeling there are going to be more; after all we're only going into the second month of the year.


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