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I find, on the spirit journey, satan sought to bend, distort, manipulate and misrepresent your life to fit into his will, even, without your consent to get you to conform into that and forsake the Lord. Here's a short spiritual warfare poem.


I never cared about
If groups, or not, to loose and bind, the wisdom
Fruits, producing kinds of roots and ruses
Used for killing, spirit lives, and confidence, by snipping ties to consequence
Beyond the sense of this dimension
What it is, some group accused, at different times, establishing connections
Tools materialized, to battle, shatter laterns, hammer standards, meant for battering the essence
Of it
But, I hateth not the flesh, just the sin within it
And it is that, the catalysts, changed to what it's not, the same
The main prerogative was different, made the pattern shift, with malice, I don't long to grasp it
Matches for the tactics, antics, standing still, with plants, and wilderness, feel the transatlantic
Breezes, never that, pretend
Distended Light
I ain't never heard of some groups, nor learned the flukes, my interest in it
Won't exists, if it hurteth the works of Truth, I observe it, find a purpose for it
Merged into questions
It truly matters how you act within the earth when you tested
It's just the furnace, for the upright, worth it, normally, if done right
Perversity is common, worried for every young life
I run Light to darkness, some groups, with heartless fruits or something
Never was a part of my watch, 'til infiltration happened, challenge situations
Adament demons, crafted, schemes, I task it, then I'm crazy
Acquiescent seasons
Sands seeping, and actually amazing
Not today, lots of faith, knocked away, like namaste, the waves of stress, be disbanded
Some hours made, the power, shame, my craft ain't in a media, no hazard, reason to, attach it
Comfirmation bias
I supply the meat and sandwhich, I comply with Kingdom rules
Not confined to keeping answers, not implying, evil standards

Only focus on what know me


Life, Persecution, Spiritual, Truth

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Author. Story Teller. Dreamer. Prophet of YHWH. One Of Those Revolutions Will Begin With A Pen.

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