Unscrambling the statement of the murderer or informant about the case of Diao Aiqing’s corpse-dismantling

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I found a post of the killer or the informant in the case of Diao Aiqing’s corpse-dismantling at Nanjing University and Unscrambled.

The murderer told about the case of Diao Aiqing’s corpse-dismantling

June 4,2018
I found a post of the killer or the informant in the case of Diao Aiqing’s corpse-dismantling at Nanjing University: http://bbs.tianya.cn/post-free-5377387-1.shtml 《The most reasonable truth of the Diao Aiqing case, The dead close your eyes, rest in peace!》(1 February 2016). It was a copy of another post: http://bbs.tianya.cn/m/post-free-4143294-1.shtml 《The most objective truth of the corpse-dismantling case of Nanjing University in 1996 can decipher many doubts》(22 February 2014). Why did they tell the truth at that time? Because president Xi Jinping's selective anti-corruption had caught a lot of people, they thought the power had been the strongest. And in 2008 what the Black Mass was talking about Diao Aiqing’s case was nonsense and imagination.
Look at what this article said. “ In July 1996, after the score of Diao Aiqing’s college entrance examination came out, she followed her elder sister's father-in-law to go to the provincial capital to find the murderer's father, who knew each other when educated youth go to the countryside, and had a good relationship with each other. During that time, Diao Aiqing and the father of the murderer met the so-called dean of a department who promised Diao Aiqing’s admission to Nanjing University. Before Diao Aiqing’s sister's father-in-law returned home, he asked the murderer's father to pay attention to whether there was a temporary and suitable job for Diao Aiqing and let Diao Aiqing stayed at the home of the murderer’s father.” Here the murderer's father referred to the Gong Hao, who is my own father. Gong Hao was president of the Fuzhou Intermediate Court in 1985. This article meant that I could enter the Minjiang Vocational University was because of the power of Gong Hao. That was to say, when I entered the Minjiang Vocational University, Gong Hao and his wife's sons must be a murderer. Of course, I can only guess at Gong Hao’s marital status at that time. “Pay attention to whether there was a temporary and suitable job”----When it talked about the work, that was to say, I could get into the work of the procuratorate, it must also have something to do with Gong Hao. If Gong Hao was a monk or returned to Shandong, he might still have influence. Of course, there were indicators in 1985, there were 50 people in the class, he got 50 indicators. Then “ let Diao Aiqing stayed at the home of murderer’s father”----When I was studying at the Minjiang Vocational University, I and several students from eight counties lived in the dormitory in the Intermediate Court. They thought the intermediate court was their home, which can explain these.
“Before college began, the murderer's father introduced Diao Aiqing to work in his son's bookshop at Nanjing university, so Diao Aiqing and the killer developed a loving relationship with each other and became pregnant and then was aborted, which was known to and ashamed by the family, Which was why we asked their families later, but they didn't talk about working, didn't talk about the relationship with the killer's father. Perhaps the Diao Aiqing family had already been informed not to mention the relationship and avoided the murderer's father being entangled in it, which is why the school felt abnormal when dealing with family members.” It would be unreasonable to follow the role above in this paragraph, so the role should be changed. In this paragraph Diao Aiqing is my mother and murderer is Gong Hao. It should be said that this section was about the relationship of lover between Gong Hao and my mother.
“After college started, Diao Aiqing used to go out with the killer on weekends or on the night without class the next day.” Then only my mom and Gong Hao themselves knew how they dated in the past. “Every time before she went out, she spread the quilt that night look like she was there. And Diao Aiqing's character was less talkative and rarely communicate with roommates, which made this behavior less noticed. This is why after Diao Aiqing disappeared 7 or 8 days his roommate did not report to the school or did not report to the police, maybe they had become accustomed to this phenomenon.”
“During Diao Aiqing’s time with the murderer, the murderer gave him a cloth doll with the acronym W of the murderer. That day, Diao Aiqing disappeared who was not feeling well because she was pregnant again to talk to the murderer, who asked for another abortion and had an argument. Finally, Diao Aiqing aborted their child and rested in the murderer's home.” I once met a fortune teller, who was probably sent by someone.Anyway, that memory is not very profound. He told me in a fortune-telling way that my mother had aborted her baby several times. I don't believe it because my mom said she didn't abort me because the first child was aborted was bad for her health.
“ The murderer had just been married for less than a year. His wife came back home from time to time for being an army medical doctor.” If they said so, it was very likely that after Gong Hao and his wife had only been married for less than a year, and he had had sexual relations with my mother? According to this statement, it seems to say that Gong Hao’s wife was a military doctor? It's possible, so she could get the most advanced poison in the country to poison my mother and me. “Two days later, however, she suddenly returned home to find adultery and poisoned Diao Aiqing. The murderer repented and blamed his wife. At the same time, the two people discussed splitting the body to cover up the evidence. Cutting the body for two or three thousand pieces was specifically the act of his wife's anger. It contained the meaning of adultery and being put to death by dismembering or drawing the body. ” This part was probably a description of the wife of Gong Hao. “Cooking brain was to eliminate venom residue. And cooking the pelvic cavity was to cover up the pregnancy and the killer's body fluids. The killer's body dump bag had Diao Aiqing's clothes on the bottom for fear of bleeding, meanwhile, it contained the meaning of that the murderer wanted the dead to be safe. The Corpse fragments were thrown around the school, and there was a spot on the rear side door of Diao Aiqing's downstairs, which was actually thrown by the female murderer with a warning. You might have heard that 'when the public security organs were checking, the murderer had thrown another body bag. It was rampant.’ ” It was mainly because they're powerful. “This means that there was no body bag when the cleaners were cleaning in the morning, after the morning it was not known when there was a body bag, which explains why the real culprit wasn't noticed at first, because it was a woman.” This role was Gong Hao’s wife. “And the police and everyone subconsciously believed that the killer was a man.” In fact, there was still a backer behind Gong Hao's wife. If she did not have the support of the vice president of the Fujian High Court in 1989, she could not have been so powerful later. “Perhaps she was walking along the road with her body bag and the police was reminding her to be careful.” Of course the police were all their men.
“After that, the male murderer turned himself in with guilt, by then the case was solved. But the public security organs under the resistance of the father of the murderer with insufficient evidence to release the murderer. Later the murderer husband and wife divorced.” Later, officials said Gong Hao had died. After I arrived in Beijing, their agents hinted that Gong Hao had not died and fled back to Shandong. Perhaps Gong Hao had the opportunity to report the murderer of the Diao Aiqing’s case, but was suppressed by the leaders above.
“As a result, the case in the eyes of outsiders has not been broken. However, in the internal public security, there has been a conclusion about this case for a long time.”
“Although Diao Aiqing's family had suspected for many years that the murderer was the son of the friend of her sister's father-in-law, but was cursed with no evidence and feared of retaliation. So they kept silent, but in fact, they knew the truth.”
“Diao Aiqing's roommate was the one who read Nanjing Daily and had a good relationship with Diao Aiqing, In fact, it was relative to other people's relationship, her true relationship with Diao Aiqing was also an ordinary friend. Once she bumped into two people at the back door and quarreled (January 15 the killer and Diao had a fight at the back door----a dump site later. Perhaps by then Diao Aiqing had discovered that she had been pregnant again and was at odds with the killer.). Once the roommate heard Diao Aiqing mentioned the identity of the man, a poet, a part-time writer, a bookseller. She also doubted that the murderer was this man, but also because there was no evidence to say. Perhaps Diao Aiqing's second pregnancy should be known by her roommate, and she also knew that Diao Aiqing went out to have an abortion. Diao Aiqing did not return to school for several days and the student became confused, but there was a bit of luck to hope that Diao Aiqing was alive and she went to identify the body.”
Gong Hao was likely to have a certain degree of education. The History of Fujian Province said:”In 1960, the propaganda Department of the East China Bureau of the CPC Central Committee organized university teachers and party school teachers to compile textbooks for dialectical materialism and historical materialism ( trial version ). Fujian Province Zheng Qifang participated in the editor, Gong Hao participated in the compilation. The book was published by the Shanghai people's Publishing House in 1961.”
The murderer chose to kill Diao Aiqing. Most likely, this was selective, deliberately looking for a surname Diao. They were probably saying my mom's personality was tough?
In this article it is clear that the female military doctor killed Diao Aiqing, why always said that the female military doctor’s husband was the murderer? Because I used to post saying how Gong Hao's wife was suspected of murderers in 2012 forum of BaiDu, But the adversary said: “are you saying that Gong Hao was a murderer?”The word "wife" after Gong Hao was omitted. So they also used this technique when they told about Diao Aiqing's case.


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