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This story has been in me for years. It is fantasy, based around several key characters, a foreign planet, Earth, dragons, and love that goes beyond time and space. There are several pieces so far, and I will be posting more as it comes.

The Beginning; Andrek

“My, you look content this morning.” Celene smirked.

“She was there again,” Andrek replied as he sat cross legged beside her. He lit his own stick of incense and reverently placed it in the offering sand beside Celene’s, the smoke swirling and combining like a young girl’s braid.

“The woman you have been seeing in your sunrise meditations? Surely, you don’t think she is real, do you? I mean, the scrolls speak of these things happening long ago, but no one has had a Bond Mate for over 3000 years.” Celene was fond of Andrek, in a sisterly way. She hated to see him get his hopes up over something that simply could not be.

“When the Master first brought you here, did you question what you felt?” Andrek asked.

Celene took a deep breath. The scent of the incense filled her senses and mingled with memories. “No,” she stated. “No, I just knew. It was not something I can put logical thought around.”

“Well, then. That is my answer.” Andrek pulled his legs in tighter assuming tallen posture, eyes closed, the subject apparently was as well.

Celene was not convinced. Every melea who came to the temple must read the scrolls in their first year. It was not only part of the initiation, the sacred words helped the melea, or the devoted ones as the people had come to call them, understand the transformation they were going through. When Celene had started having the dreams at age 10, her mother was frightened. Celene comforted her own mother that first morning, the instinct to heal and calm already taking over. She read all 1111 scrolls in her first three months, the fastest of any melea ever, let alone a 10 year old. Yet, she still could not believe something as far gone as Bond Mates would resurface.

Celene sighed, shifting to face back towards the shrine, closing her own eyes to drift back into meditation. Her mind found itself on page 22 of the 1111 scroll, the teachings of partnership in the highest form. The scroll spoke of a bond that stretched beyond the grave as Soul Links did. Unlike Soul Links, which could be found in all kinds of relationships, Bond Mates were always lovers. It was said that they started as one being, and split to become two to better understand duality. There were counts of the most famous of these pairings, how each of their combined lives served as a reminder to all of the sacredness of a deeper union. Their love was more than physical, more than a means for a family, more than passing fancy or lust. Like twins in the womb they were tied to one another so deeply they could communicate through thought across not only oceans, but even if each one resided on a different planet.

One interesting fact crept back to memory, tickling Celene’s mind. It was that always at least one of the Bond Mate pair was of the Craft, a dragon rider. Celene’s eyes flew open, turning to speak this truth to Andrek, to let him know she was starting to believe. Her sentiment fell off the tip of her tongue unspoken. She had been so lost in her thoughts she had not even heard Andrek leave.

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