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The rest of the characters are on a distant planet which will be explained later. Kaleen is back on Earth.

Kaleen Drawer of Dragons

“Another dragon, Kaleen? Maybe you could draw a horse instead, horses are beautiful creatures. Dad could get you a horse, would you like that?”

Kaleen sank lower in her chair, covering her drawing and pulling it to her chest, unaware of how she crumpled the paper. “Sure, mom, whatever.” she responded, her heart about to burst from her chest. Why couldn’t they understand?

Her mother did not notice the shift in Kaleen’s body language, instead she began gushing about preparations for a horse corral and how they would schedule the feedings for a horse that would never be. Military families moved too much to invest in something like a horse. It had been her mother’s attempt at anchoring Kaleen since she was five, a year after the drawing started and two months into her counseling.

Despite the prompting from the counselor, Kaleen had no idea where her inspiration came from. She had started drawing dragons at the age of four with shocking detail although she saw how childish they were back then. The visions had grown stronger over the years, and sometimes she even dreamed of flying on them. Those were the best nights, the only escape she had for her dull, tortured life. Being the only daughter of a military general was not easy. They had moved three times in the last year. Her father was too valuable to keep in one place it seemed. Every base wanted a piece of his knack for leadership.

This last move had been the hardest. Kaleen had just started her senior year; almost out of the hell they called high school. She had finally bored the bullies away, refusing to give in to their taunting until they simply gave up. Now, at yet another new school on the other side of the continent, she was once again the targeted outcast. Her only solace in school was her drawing class. Yesterday, she had even found another girl who drew dragons. Maybe now she might have someone to talk to! Hallie seemed to think the dragons merely fantasy, but maybe that was cover. No one believed Kaleen, so she had to pretend as well.

“Oh, would you look at the time?” her mother suddenly halted her pacing and prattle over horses, eyes fixated on the clock on the wall. “You better get going, young miss, or you will be late for school. Again. Anyway, don’t forget, counseling this afternoon and then music lessons.” With that, her mother pranced from the room leaving Kaleen to sigh and finally sit upright. She looked at her crumpled drawing and sighed again. Maybe I can play hooky again today and go to the lake, she thought. Not likely she knew her mother now had half the town on the lookout for her if she was not counted as present in school first period. It was not hard to do; the town had quickly gotten to know she was “unstable” and needed watching after. Thanks, mom, thanks.

Kaleen got up and slipped the new dragon delicately into a binder, attempting to smooth out the wrinkles. Slinging her back pack over her shoulder, she walked out and locked the door behind her.

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interesting story indeed

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Thank you :)

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