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The story continues as Ryn and Gallen are introduced. There will be pieces between these of course, these are just the highlights of the book. All the characters end up tied together, drawn together for a higher purpose.

Ryn and Gallen

Ryn was never going to be good at this. No matter how many masters her father sent her, the dragons would not do more than sniff her outstretched fingers, snort as if in disgust, and turn away. They were no more interested in the raw meat she offered than her. They could be starving, Ryn made to be the one to offer them their first meal of the day after a whole day prior of fasting. The creatures would not suffer, Gallen insisted, they went days in the wild without a catch. They should be thankful, however, for the fresh, cut cattle strips Ryn was given to hand them as a connection offering. In Gallen’s hands after such a lack they quickly yet so gingerly snapped up the meat eating in one gulp ending with nuzzling his still outstretched hand.

“They hate me,” she insisted to Gallen, who stood back by the door arms casually crossed over his strong broad chest. How Ryn wished she could spend her time coaxing those muscled arms of his around her shoulders instead of mornings rejected by the dragons. He was a Trainer, though, and one of the best. He could not take a lover let alone wed outside the Craft. The dragons were her path to his heart, and the only way out of service in her father’s council. And she knew she was right. The dragons wanted nothing of her.

“You try too hard.” Gallen answered, dropping his arms as he walked into the room towards her. His fluid movements were almost akin to a dragon’s own as he reached out his arm. Ryn watched in awe as the blue green called Gyl extended her neck in unison to meet Gallen’s outstretched hand. He stroked the dragon’s cheek and down her neck in one smooth caress. Ryn felt her body rise as she imagined Gallen touching her skin instead of the dragon. Goosebumps ran across her flesh and she was sure her cheeks had turned the color of the sunrise on the horizon. She was thankful Gallen’s back was still turned.

“You must not fear them, or doubt yourself. They can sense your unease that is all.”

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13th Aug 2013 (#)

Good read.

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13th Aug 2013 (#)

Thank you :)

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