Untitled Story Part 2: Cynia's Flight

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This is the next portion of the story, introducing Cynia and her dragon, Daschia. It also gives a glimpse into the connection between Cynia and Andrek.

Cynia's Flight

The sun touched the edge of the water; golden and pink light spreading on the horizon. Cynia closed her eyes as the peace flooded her. The wind pulled at her hair, and the last evening rays of sunlight added to the warmth spreading through her. Daschia seemed to feel it as well, and soared higher. Cynia was grateful for their full bond; young riders would not dare to let their dragon take full flight. Daschia began to glide and Cynia slipped joyfully into the deep meditation that came with this unknown man in the back of her mind. Her legs instinctively gripped Daschia’s sides as she let her hands slip from the riding rope. He had always been there, this wonderfully warm male presence. Even as a child she remembered feeling him. No one would believe her. Her brother made fun of her “imaginary friend” and her mother would just shake her head and sigh thinking Cynia had heard the tales from the temple kids and made it all up.

It wasn’t until she had bonded with Daschia that she was able to find a good place to escape to enjoy this warmth. Her ritual had happened at the young age of 12. She still remembered Kyle’s laugh when his dragon had sniffed her out at the bizarre. She had been sitting atop a barrel, back behind the crowd, always trying to be the shadow no one saw in her shyness. Uti was not fooled, and three merchant’s carts were toppled as the great purple dragon sniffed and pushed her way to Cynia. Her brother’s jaw had dropped; he had always boasted it would be him in the family to follow in father’s footsteps as one of the Craft.

Here in the open air, above the sparkling sea, with the sun just beginning to set, Cynia gave herself over to the quiet awareness in her mind. Meditation was much like flying, a focused calm that was both relaxing and exhilarating at the same time. Had this feeling of another not been with the evening meditations that seemed to come out of thin air, Cynia would have been the first in thousands of years to be both of the Craft and the temple. She was secretly glad that was not the case. Sitting still was never her cup of tea. She belonged in the sky, legs wrapped around her dragon, hearts beating in tandem.

Daschia swooped low, coming in close to the water. Cynia opened her eyes, sighing regretfully as the moment shifted and the wonderful man’s presence dissolved from her mind. She let the spray of water from the waves below mist her skin and sooth her loss. It was never easy to come back down from that elation. Someday, she would know this man in the flesh. Someday she would not have to release him back to the void.

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