Unusual sceneries for fictional writers

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Every fictional writer can be in the mood to expand its wings and set their stories in places where one has never been to. Know how. to do it.

Unusual sceneries for fictional writers

We may write fictional short stories or, perhaps, a novel, but and as although it is said that we should write about what we know or to set our stories in surroundings that we know well, because it'll save us from a lot of research work, a writer always dreams with other lands. However, we do sometimes feel like extending our wings and set a story in a distant place that we haven't most probably visited yet.
How do we do this then?
A well known Spanish-Basque novelist was not also popular for his entertaining novels, but also because he worked with travel guides and maps to set his plots in places that he had never been in.
I also recall the travelling articles by a fellow writer that loved travelling, but she couldn't travel because of her age and ailments. Thus, she created interesting, virtual travelling pieces (*)
I also wrote two stories with an element and a scenery that I didn't know at all.
One of them was a short story which main character was a dog. I could have taken a Labrador or a Setter that I know well, but I don't know why I chose a Terrier and I didn't have a clue of what this type of dogs look like. I went on writing my story. When I finished it, I searched for info about such kind of dogs and to my amazement I was right in almost all my descriptions of the dog. I had probably had one in my past life!
The other was set in Kiev -a city that I have to visit yet. However, I got my descriptions of such a city an 80% right. It most probably helped that fact that I had been to other Eastern European countries.

What to do to set one's stories in other lands

Choose a place you've never been, but you'd love to visit. The fact that you have a thing for such a place means that you know somewhat of it.
Get country and street maps as well of the place you'd like to know or of the most important towns or cities. On these days, the Internet is of a great help, because one can watch videos and it is as if one was there.
If it is on present time you want to set your story, you'll have it bit easier as it is easy to find out what their customs are.
If it is in the past, it'll be a bit more work to find out what these places looked like and what their customs were. No way to write “Then, she picked her Smart telephone to call him up...” Or, “When he went into the room, he switched on all the lights...” if one's setting the story in the 18th or 19th Centuries.
This may not be right to do if one listens to those that tell us to stick to what we know well, but it's quite an adventure and a fictional writer can sometimes be in the mood to expand its wings.

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(*) This lady is Annette. She lives in Vermont in the USA and I first contacted her while writing for Triond.


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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
21st Nov 2015 (#)

vickylass, thanks for sharing such a great article and for the awesome tips. It actually helped me with a story I'm working on. You gave me an awesome idea! Thanks!

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author avatar vickylass
22nd Nov 2015 (#)

I'm glad I did. Would like to read this story?

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
23rd Nov 2015 (#)

vickylass, it's actually an ongoing series with a team of animals. It's funny at times and serious at others. I'm always looking for ideas to make each chapter exciting. I've grown to love the team as much as my readers do. Thank you again for sharing your article.

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author avatar Deepizzaguy
21st Nov 2015 (#)

Thank you for sharing these tips on writing fictional stories. The tips are very helpful.

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