Us? Work for our own money?? Why don't you just give us large amounts of money in secret!!!

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Elmarie and Stingley have for years done a nationwide talent search project, with their main sponsor being a big international company. However, the manager of that company seemed to have less enthusiasm for it every year, making Elmarie and Stingley wait longer and longer before he commits to their yearly contract and sign it.

Disappointed that it's over now

For months now, they have waited for him to renew their contract for 2012. This would have been one project that would give Stingley and Elmarie at least some money.

But, late yesterday afternoon, finally came the final blow: The manager calls and says no. They are not going to do the project this year.

It is such a good thing that we were here to console Elmarie, because after that phone call she was crying non-stop. It was a bitter pill to swallow.

Lack of privacy

Well, I can't say I slept that fantastic last night, because our Nautilus Rock apartment has no more than two rooms and an open kitchen/sitting room, plus a balcony overlooking the sea.

Harrison and his wife sleep in one room and Father and Mother in the other. I have to sleep in the living room, where the two children also sleep on the couches.

This lack of privacy gets to me, as in the night, parents have to tend to their children and the only bathroom with a door that can close is in Father and Mother's room and I have to walk there a few times during the night, and we all hear everybody's movements, whispers and snoring.

Birthday breakfast

Come morning, we walk all the way to LightHouse Restaurant, standing at a lighthouse some good walk from Nautilus Rock. Here we can look over Table Mountain and the sea, while we celebrate Mother's birthday.

We eat a delicious deep fried hake here. The hake has a crispy batter on it that almost looks like a blown up balloon around the fish part. Totally delicious.

Not enough traffic to open a coffee shop

When we get back close to Nautilus Rock, Elmarie says her boy Stingley Junior wants to show us where they were going to have their coffee shop, which they're not going to do anymore. But when we get there, Stingley Junior has run away somewhere onto the beach, so Elmarie just shows us.

The problem with this spot, as Mother points out, is that there is no traffic of people walking by really. A lagoon nearby stops people from coming from one of the directions, while from the other side there simply aren't many people. To have opened a coffee shop here would likely have been doomed to fail from the start, for the lack of traffic.

Children aren't allowed to play in the surf

We walk onto the beach, while the children play in the surf. Elmarie doesn't want Stingley Junior to play at the foot of the waves. Even while we were still at the restaurant, Elmarie protested when Mother took all the little children onto the beach. Now she's protesting again.

We can't really understand it. How can you take little children onto the beach, yet you expect them not to start playing and running and laughing and getting their feet wet at the foot of the ocean? She mumbles something about their feet getting dirty with sand and how they could catch a cold.

Sometimes we feel sorry for the way their children are caged in. This is because they live in an extremely expensive apartment on the beach, and of course if the children's feet get full of sand, they'll trod it all into the apartment later.

Fortunately, Stingley Junior is adamant about wanting to go play in the wet sand with the other children who are laughing and having a jolly time, so Elmarie just lets him go. She's got something else on her mind, wearing her down.

Let me shower you in my emotional turmoil

Then, Elmarie offloads her emotions onto Mother. She has a problem with our upcoming meeting on how we can help them get back on their feet.

It's mind boggling how in their desperate financial state, she still wants to act like Stingley snr.'s feelings might be hurt, if we have a talk about how to get them financially stable again. I can only imagine she means that he might feel embarrassed that he as a fully capable husband hasn't done much if anything to get them out of their financial rut. Seriously, the possibility of "hurting feelings" is the least of their problems tha they should worry about now. And the fact is, that indeed her husband and her COULD NOT get themselves into better financial state up until now. Because they don't want to work for others.

Well, Mother makes short work of her. Mother has had quite enough, and tells Elmarie in no uncertain terms that she feels manipulated. She feels manipulated because Elmarie cries on the phone up to the point where at great financial expense, Mother and Father has to come down all the way to Cape Town, where Elmarie seems to want to squeeze money out of them to throw at their financial troubles. Countless times before Father and Mother have already paid money over to Elmarie and Stingley, in order to help them cope, being given promises that Stingley and Elmarie would improve their situation as soon as possible, the latter still not forthcoming.

Website isn't focused

A little later Elmarie shows me her website on Harrison's big screen phone. It's a very nice website, but what is it for really? It seems she put ANY AND ALL of their past experiences onto the same website. From talent shows to shopping mall promotions to international travels to modeling photography to building renovations to whatnot; I'm not quite sure any visitor to the site would know what to hire them for.

Still, the website is beautifully done. But I would suggest she makes a seperate site for each of those diverse fields. But, she says she won't care to update so many different sites, and since Harrison and Father have already told her the site sucks and won't work, she's just dropping the whole thing and focusing on their new venture (the school? The coffee shop? Whichever.) I'm glad Elmarie is starting to think about focusing on one field, because I have started feeling like she's all over the place and not spending enough energy in any specific job.

The meeting of doom

Well, some time later the afternoon, it's time for our family meeting. We all came here with the mindset of helping our dearest sister get going with a stable financial income, and since she wants such a stupendous amount to start a business idea with, Father asked that we all be present to discuss, because he doesn't know which way to go with this anymore either and needs the support of his entire family.

Also, giving millions to one of his children AGAIN could and very easily would cause irrepairable damage to the relations with the other children. Wouldn't it be more fair to give ALL of his children each two and a half million then? This he is not in a position to do, so all his children have to be present to make suggestions here in the matter of how to make this work while still being reasonable.

But, Elmarie starts with an emotional fight. She is outraged that her financial status is exposed to her brothers and their wife. It would appear she would prefer that Father just give her the insane amount of money in secret! I mean yeah, we would all love to be given millions in secret, with nobody asking questions or encumbering it, but is it really a realistic expectation?

Stingley Snr. silences her when she gets too outbursty. Then he speaks. He says he's just going to go out and get a job, whatever he can find. Elmarie can do the school idea while he is going to bring in money to support them.

I suppose that's a good idea, but why did they have to wait months and months until things looked this bleak, before he came to the common decision of getting a job to sustain his family? But whatever; I suppose rather late than never.

He also has a very serious discussion with us, as he says it's not as we think; he says he knows we think they want to live in Cape Town in a very expensive apartment on the beach, with their children being in a very expensive English school, and them living the high life.

Well he has a problem with our thinking that. It simply is not so, says he accusingly. He says they live very modest on very little money. His children are simply in the best school around, for as he believes, their education is the most important thing. So, he is not interested in sending them to more affordable public schools.

And, says he, it is not because the school is English. It's because the school is the best he wants for his children.

(Father has always hated the way these children are brought up as English poser snobs in his view, for whom nothing and nobody real is good enough. After all these years, we know much more about Stingley's past, and how he pretended to be a high rolling English model gentleman who has it all, when in fact the truth slowly revealed painfully but surely that it was all just a pose, and Stingley is really just a (then girlfriend-)cheating, around-sleeping, questionable bokslagter from a tapid urban town, putting on airs of being a continental James Bond or somebody rich. Now Father will be darned if these children are taught to be the same posers, instead of enjoying an all round good, honest, open life. I'm afraid now life is showing that Stingley, who pretended to have been a business-genius millionaire who could move worlds any way he wishes, who would show us his millions if only he wasn't cheated out of his money by evil partners, doesn't even have the ability to make just a few bobs to keep a small household together.)

Well I'm slightly sad now, because it seems the focus has been lost. The focus was that we were here to brainstorm and execute a definitive plan to get them back on track. Now it seems they would have preferred to suffer in silence, and just manipulate Father into handing over millions of his money.

It really is sad how financial trouble can isolate people, and stop them from wanting any help, other than secret fantastic money hand-overs.

Mary and I decide after a while to go to Canal Walk Shopping Centre. By the time we leave, Father is hugging Elmarie and has decided he will give them 30,000 rands to get by this month, while Elmarie and Stingley look for jobs. As for the school, they will also work on that and look for other properties, and instead of Father buying the place for millions, they will first start renting a place to see if this school idea really takes off.

I want to have the most enthusiasm for their ideas, I really do. But oh, the image of them taking jobs and working for money, seems to me an unrealistic one that I can not bring in line with them and their personalities, and the way they are.

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