Useful Tips to Overcome Writer's Block

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Tips and tricks to defeat Writer's Block and get you writing again!

Conquering Writer's Block

Whether you are a professional, full-time writer, or someone who just writes for fun as a hobby, every writer is familiar with the dreaded "Writer's Block". Suffering from writer's block can be frustrating, to say the very least. It can seem as though that gorgeous white paper is there solely to taunt you, and all inspiration has left.

But, fear not. All authors suffer from the occasional bout of writer's block. It is common, and won't last forever. You can beat your writer's block quicker with this simple tips on how to deal with writer's block.

Time Out

Time Out-
Contrary to popular belief, time out is not just for wayward toddlers and children. Putting aside your writing and moving away from your computer screen and desk, can be a good start to overcoming writer's block. While this may seem counter-productive, this can actually be a great way to get your creative juices flowing again. Getting out of your home or office, and into crowds of people can give you some great ideas, and get you back on track with your writing.

Brainstorming on the Run

Often the advice is to sit and brainstorm, but this can be slightly difficult for those who are drawing a complete mental block. Instead of sitting and staring down at a blank sheet of paper, or computer screen, and becoming frustrated, brainstorm while you go about your daily routine. Place a pen and piece of paper on your stove, and proceed with cleaning your kitchen. Try to take your mind completely off your writing, and focus solely on the task at hand. You'll be surprised how many "sneak attack" ideas you get. Use your pen and paper to write them down the minute you get them, so that you don't forget them later.

Writer's Groups

Check into local writing groups and poetry clubs. Although people associate bookstores with book clubs, these stores often have a writer's club that meet a few times a month. If you can't find something locally in your area, look them up online. Try to find a few that are along the same lines of the topics you enjoy writing about. These groups are a great place to get new ideas and bounce your own ideas off of other experienced writers.


When you are less than knowledgeable about your topic, you will find that you tend to struggle and falter more when trying to write about it. When you know your topic inside and out, the words just naturally flow onto paper easier. So instead of writing, try to commit yourself to an hour or two, a day even, of doing nothing but research on your subject. Gather as much data and facts as you can, and study them over. When you know the information completely, then attempt to write again.


As all others will tell you, a key element to conquering writer's block is to just relax. This is easier said than done when you are so frustrated. But the tension and frustration you feel will only serve to complicate matters more. Remember you are not the only writer to suffer from writer's block, nor will you be the last. Your writing skills have no left you permanently, even though it may feel that way. So relax, read a book, exercise, play with your child, or treat your spouse to a romantic dinner. Your writing skills will come back. In the meantime, pull yourself out of your slump by just enjoying your life!


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author avatar GV Rama Rao
4th Oct 2012 (#)

Fine tips for all writers. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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author avatar HeatherT514
4th Oct 2012 (#)

Unfortunately, when you are suffering through writer's block, it's not always as easy as I made this sound!

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author avatar Christine L. Sousa
16th Nov 2012 (#)

I agree that joining writer’s groups are a good idea to get past writer’s block. There is nothing like a group of other writers to argue with to get the mental faculties working again. Of course it should be a friendly argument ;). I found a few more useful tips here, if you guys are interested. There are just many ways to get past writer’s block. It depends on the writer and the topic.

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