Valentine's Day: A Critical Overview.

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What happens to a holiday like Valentine’s Day when it is commercialized? This article offers a critical overview on how society’s views on love and Valentine’s Day have changed from emotions, to greed and materialism over the decades thanks to consumerism.


Valentine’s Day is getting near. The big day for many lovers to celebrate their deep feelings for each other. This is a day celebrated worldwide. The young and even the old will take part. But in this modern age, do we still know what love is truly about? When we think of Valentine’s Day what is the one thing that comes to mind? Sadly for many it is not love, or romance, it will be the expensive gifts, flower arrangements, dinners at expensive restaurants and getaway trips. Our society sees love no longer as little drawn hearts on a card, but as dollar signs on a dollar bill. The greener there is, the more love there will be.

Love and Money.

When did we lost sight of what love was all about? When did we forget that love is felt deep inside our hearts and it is not measured in the size of a diamond, or how many zeros are in a bank account? Can’t people love for the sake of loving and being loved without the materialistic desires attached? Have we become so consumed by the green monster of greed that we can’t differentiate between feelings of love and greed?

This is not affecting the young generations alone, no this issue is affecting everyone, from young to old. Even couples that have spent a life time together are being infected by greed and materialism, so much so that they have forgotten what loving without strings attached feels like. The next time you go out in public, just take a moment and observe the activity around you, a moment is all you will need. Look at the couples, young and old; they no longer walk hand in hand because they are too busy with their phones. They no longer interact with each other because their phones are more interesting. The silly smiles, the loving glances, all that mutual exchange and display of attention is mostly gone. The only time you will see emotion, true emotion from them will be due to a purchase recently made that will please them both, or one of them.

Valentine's Day's Consumerism.

Valentine’s Day and for that matter any other time of the year is a time to show our special ones how much we love them by simple meaningful actions, not with expensive gifts that will strike a chord with us, not with expensive false material things that will hold only frivolous affection. The advertisers are not helping matters any. Instead of reminding couples what love is all about, they are taking a big bite out of our own greed and their only purpose is to make their profits grow. They spam us with their own Valentine’s Day campaigns, blind us with their dazzling products and incentives and we none the wiser fall for it all the time.


When looking at a holiday that has changed so much throughout the years, we should not wonder why love is dead, why so many marriages and relationships end the way they do. Even those that have spent decades together are no longer safe and they will fall victims of their greed, materialistic impulses and frivolous hearts. A diamond doesn’t buy love, an expensive dinner is not going to make us love someone more than we do, or don’t as the case might be. All that is being cared for the most is money, money and more money and when the green is not there and the financial problems start pouring in, the so called love takes a hike out the back door to never return. Why then do we even bother with celebrating Valentine’s Day if all we are doing is fuelling the fires of our own greed?


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author avatar Retired
27th Jan 2015 (#)

It's just a money making scheme. Restaurants always hike their prices up this time of year.

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author avatar viewgreen
27th Jan 2015 (#)

Clearly, I never celebrate what is valentine day... because I know that love does not at day but every day and every time I always loves and be loving to everyone especially for my family and friends. Awesome article and Great for sharing this about. Thank you madam.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
27th Jan 2015 (#)

The best gift is a gift of time really, and not just on the one day, all days.

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author avatar Carol Roach
28th Jan 2015 (#)

I agree it is so commercial and has very little to do with real love which is a everyday thing not once a year

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author avatar Retired
28th Jan 2015 (#)

Really true. And the hidden truth behind valentine is that its even of Paganic Origin.

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
28th Jan 2015 (#)

All this is likely to change. According to the WSJ the advertisers starting with the Superbowl are going to include a disclaimer in all their ads. I suppose all products sold for love may contain a note in small print "This gift may get you only a temporary crush or a one night stand." Valentine's day would lose much of its sheen and hype.

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author avatar Utah Jay
28th Jan 2015 (#)

We like the "simple meaningful actions" like you said. Sometimes its the small things that make the biggest smiles. This was a great post Genki.

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