Valuable Tips To Building A Happy Bonding In Marriage.( Part 1)

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Marriage was first ordained by God, and as such remain sacred, remaining sacred does not signify that there is no friction in it, though some of these frictions resulted sometimes in divorce, it was designed by God that spouses should have this union till death do them part. The following tips are those virtues that can engender good bonding in marriage.

Valuable Tips To Building Bonding In Marriage.

The term "marriage" dates back even to the garden of Eden when God created Adam and Eve. It is a trend that was created by God himself and he also made a proposal unto man to leave his father and mother and be join to a woman who shall be his help mate or wife, irrespective of her affinity, religion and culture, God also commanded that what he has join together let no man put asunder (Matt, 19:6)
Everyone in this life is affected by marriage directly or indirectly either through that of your parent, your own or your children. Keeping a marriage strong while surviving life's trial can be a huge struggle, but learning from other people's experiences can help us through these times.
A happy marriage will be more easily developed and maintained upon a firm foundation of "Love and Faith". These are the rules that holds the foundation of a happy bond of marriage.
According to Advance Dictionary on Contemporary English, Love is warm, kind, feelings, fondness; Affectionate and tender devotion. Bonny Albo in commented that poets and authors have tried to define love for centuries, whereas scientists have only recently started. Many of us know intuitively that love is a major purpose for living, it is that connection that is inherent in all what we do and without love we can not survive as a species.
Using the biblical injunction as a yardstick, it will be adduced that love has it own qualities as stipulated in the book of 1 corinthians 13:4.
(1) Love is patience
(2) Love is kind
(3) Love does not envy
(4) Love does not boast
(5) Love is not proud
(6) Love is not rude
(7) Love is not self seeking
(8) Love is not easily angered
(9) Love does not keep records of wrong doings
(10) Love Love does not delight in evil
(11) Love always trust
(12) Love always hope
(13) Love perseveres
(14) Love does not fail
(15) Love is a choice
Patience is steadfastness, Constancy, endurance, in the new testament it is the characteristic of a man who is not swerved from his purpose and his loyalty to faith and piety by even the greatest trials and sufferings. Patience is the spirit which can bear things not simply with resignation, but with blazing hope, it is the spirit which bears, endures and perseveres because of the glorious achievement in the end. It is not the patience which grimly wait for the end, but the patience which radiantly hope for the dawn.

Realizing what is embedded in the word helps us to see that patience is greatly needed in our marriages. It is needed that we might be complete. We need patience in order that we might endure trial and surmount temptation in marriage. For instance we need patience to fulfill the dreams, goals and expectations in marriages. Your dream may be admirable, but if you do not possess the power of patience you may fail to reach the end goal of such dream. Patience made a marriage whole, what was true in ages past is still true today "Let patience have her perfect works, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing"

Kindness is a critical attributes that reveals the force and nature of Love, it means to show oneself useful in the sense of manners or morals. There are two basic concept contain in this idea and both shed much light on love between a husband and a wife. The first concept is related to the idea that to be kind is to be useful or helpful. In this case kindness is not merely an attitudes or state of being, it is also a deed. The second concept is that kindness deals with being courteous, polite, compassionate and affectionate. It refers to conducts that is gentle, mild, tender and pleasant.

With respect to love in marriage, kindness present us with several practical applications. If you have this type of love in marriage, you will desire to useful and helpful to your spouse.

Since Love comes from appreciating goodness of others, then someone can make it to happen, love is active, you can create it, just focus on the good in another person ( and everyone have some). If you do this easily you will love easily. Obviously, there is a huge distance from here to the far more profound, personal love developed over the years, especially in marriage, but seeing goodness is the beginning.

This is to feel and exhibits concern and empathy for others. To treat other people with respect and to treat them like human beings. Spirit of showing compassion and affection for someone. Caring for somebody can be an act of love when responding to another without wanting anything in return. You do it because you see their need, you have no idea of yourself, neither any idea of you might gain or loose, including your own life, you just do it by the compassion inside you, you don't need any reason. This is very important in marriage.

Faith is belief with strong conviction, firm belief in something for which there may be no tangible proof; it is a complete trust in or devotion to, faith is the opposite of doubt.
Faith is possibly the single most element of the christian life and plays a prominent role in marriage. The source of faith is God and any marriage that is built without God is bound to crumble.

When couples are on the verge of a major life transition such as marriage, they begin to think about life, love, values and the future. you don't have to wait for crisis or a divorce to set into your marriage, you have to think about faith in your marriage, because of it value, share it with your beloved and chart a course on how you will live out your belief and values together. There are three basic ways to use faith in marriage.
Finding faith in partner who has let you down can be painful and difficult. You two may spend so much of your energy trying to fix each other that you forget to believe and trust in each other. But how can you trust someone who doesn't seem to be changing for the better or putting in the work to make the relationship work? Believe that your spouse can be different whether you see the changes or not, instead of focusing on the missteps of the past or the frustration of the believe that your spouse have the ability to be everything he or she strives to be and this is the key. Believe that your spouse can upholds his or her own standards, or the standard of a higher power, not just yours. No two people are the same and even a same faith union does not mean you and your spouse share identical values or principles in every aspect, nor would those same ideals manifest in identical ways. Find out what your partner think and feel about all aspect of marriage, its meaning and its manifestation, then believe that it will all happen, and in the meantime do this same thing for yourself.

Your union in marriage is a milestone on your lifelong journey to ultimate happiness and peace. In marriage there is a connection of your path with another and this happens to be the path of your spouse, therefore you have to share this space as a common connection between both of you in a particular journey. Marriage is an intersection for two to pass through, without collision, otherwise one must slow down and allowed the other to have a thoroughfare to his or her destination, your spouse and children are the passengers and there should be no collision within your pathways, your path took the twist and turns it was meant to even when you find yourself feeling lost and unguided. Though there may be no map to your destination but once you are on the right path it is the road to success, you and your spouse are traveling in equal direction. In any journey there must be a rest point for passengers to have a breathe of fresh air, use this period wisely to recharge, regroup and reunite with yourself, your spouse and your higher power, from here you and your spouse see your marriage as a vehicle that was created to enable , help and assists you become your true self that shall jump the huddle of marriage.

Marriage was ordained by God and as such must be seen sacred, it is an expression of the lessons of your spiritual system. You and your spouse were brought together to achieved something purposeful and this was not something done in futility. The entity that you and your spouse created with your higher power is larger than the two of you more than the sum of its path, but with great power comes great responsibility. Upholding your spiritual tenants in the face of everyday adversity becomes paramount in raising your family in the grace and omnipresence of a higher power. Therefore keeping to your faith means looking beyond the temporary and the ordinary to the higher power of success. Believe in your marriage as you believe in your higher power and its plans for both of you, ponder to discover the purpose for your union and use this to create a model for your children and teach them how to search for the meaning and solution to life's difficulties and the divine in their marriage.


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