Very saddened by the loss of Lassie

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At breakfast, Mother's phone rings. It's Lucy, one of Lassie's daughters. Mother had notified her before to come so that we can hand her a little something. The little something is an envelope with a card and a thousand rands to help with the funeral costs.

Very saddened by the loss of Lassie

Lucy is waiting at the gate, and Mother gets the card and money and envelope together.

Mother and I go out and down the driveway to go give it to Lucy.

When Mother opens the remote controlled gate and we go out, I see Lucy and Lassie standing there.

After a moment of confusion, I realise it isn't Lassie at all. It's Kwinola, Lassie's other daughter.

I've known Kwinola for some years, as her and I had tried many years ago to run a chicken bite shop at The Chicken Factory, when The Chicken Factory was still operational.

Now that Kwinola is much older, she looks exactly like her mother Lassie, so much so that I actually confused her for the deceased Lassie for a moment there.

Mother and I communicate our condolences to Lucy and Kwinola, and give them hugs. Mother and Lucy start crying when they do. Kwinola grabs my hand and that of Mother's, very tight.

The sadness of it all grabs at my heart now. Yesterday I felt really down all day because of the news of Lassie's death, but now that I see her two daughters stand without their mother, a new level of sadness breaks through my heart.

It occurs to me all over again: Lassie is gone forever. That joking, mischievous, sometimes chancer, sometimes very dear and kind, sometimes overbearing, sometimes a real lady, woman I had known since childhood, who ten years ago was also an actress in one of my video art projects, the laughs we shared together, the time years ago when her and I got stranded in a car together and walked miles to get some green slimy water to pour into the car's radiator and it worked, the adventure we had when her and Mother and I drove all the way to Jeffrey's Bay and on our way there sat down at an empty coffee shop with people at only three tables yet we heard the middle aged round female owner say over the phone that they are very busy today, of course to the infinite laughter of us three; all of Lassie's hard work as our maid, even though she suffered occasionally from seizures and a sore stomache (which later we learned was years of stomache cancer developing)...

That crazy, funny woman who made sure that no-one can forget her, she is gone now. Even though it's been a while since I've seen her, I now realize knowing that she was still there around somewhere on this earth, made life feel normal. Now that she's gone, I feel disturbed by the fact that she is no longer. I miss her on this earth.

When Mother and I walk Kwinola and Lucy back to Kwinola's daughter's car, Kwinola talks a bit about Lassie's problems she had had in hospital. Kwinola's even a bit angry because now the doctor, even though he has all the problems and procedures on file, can't even say if this was a death due to natural causes or not. Kwinola had also suggested some treatments before, but the medical staff didn't take her seriously as she's not "learned".

She says Lassie couldn't eat anymore in the last months because of the stomache cancer and removed-portions of her innards, and became really skinny. Kwinola asked her to eat and then she would eat a bit just to please Kwinola, but she wasn't really eating. It's so sad to know Lassie had to suffer during the last months.

Mother and I do a reshoot today of a shot from our Flappy and Whiskers children DVD of which the editing is almost complete. But both Mother and I can't help thinking all day about Lassie.

Mother recalled yesterday how Lassie said to Mother that Lassie is now her "sussie" (sister), one time when she had gone along to wherever with the family.

Lassie used to drive Mother insane many times, especially when Mother would buy something and bring it home and then Lassie scolds her for "wasting the money". It made Mother's blood boil when Lassie had something to say about what Mother buys. She can buy whatever she likes, for pete's sake. Lassie knew it too but enjoyed joking around with people like this.

Also, in later years, Lassie had worked very slowly and wasn't much of an effective maid.

But still, the fun times were there, and the funny saythings and habits Lassie used to have, and today of course all the negative is forgotten and forgiven. We will miss Lassie. The childish playful old black woman with all her quirks.

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