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An idea to continue to promote your work without losing your audience.

What happens here on Wikinut when you get more than twenty-five articles published? The short answer (and correct answer) is nothing; the older articles are still here, they simply no longer show on the list of recent articles. The key phrase here being "no longer show".

If I am looking for information on solar power, and you are an expert in that field and have written many articles on the topic, it is reasonable to assume that i might find one of your articles here. Your writing style is engaging and entertaining and your knowledge appears to be great. I, as a visitor might click on your name looking for other information more of your writing might be able to impart to me. All well and good if most of your writing centers on solar power.

But, what happens if the last twenty-five articles you've posted have been selections from the poetry notebook you kept in high school, or adventures with (or because of) your kids? In this instance, when I get to your list of articles, I will most likely, wrongly assume that the first piece of solor information I found is your only piece containing solar power information. You miss out on page views, and I may miss finding the piece of information I was looking for.

My suggestion? Make your own "Table of Contents" pages. Take a paragraph or two at the top to discuss what you've written about over the last twenty-four articles, provide links to each of your articles with a brief description or topic heading and then, maybe provide hints as to what some of your next twenty-four articles are most likely to be about.

In practice, the idea looks something like this:

Internet and Technology

How Much Space Does Your Website Need?
Discusses how to determine the best hosting package for your website.

An Affiliate Marketing Program That Works
Make money online selling domain names and hosting.

Web Traffic: Get Your Share
If you build it they will come... eventually. Maybe.

Domain names as Virtual Property
Alternative solutions if the domain name you want is already owned by someone else


2nd Amendment to the US Constitution
Individual right to bear arms

The King's Fool
Net Neutrality and Internet "kill switch"

Age of Entitlement
"But that's not fair!"

Excerpts From Longer Works

An imaginary trip to Mars. This is an excerpt. The full piece is at

Short Stories / Fantasy / Fiction

The Wizard's Apprentice
A wizard chooses who will follow in his footsteps.

Bustle The Feeble
A short poem about "making it" as a writer.


Reason's Edge: The Last Gasp
A lonely outpost on the edge of the world

Hands Up!
This is a story about a narrow escape.

Writing Tips

Effective Creative Writing
Discusses some best practices for online creative writing.

Building Your Brand As An Author
As an author, your brand is you.


On the Precipice
Keeping the doors to your business open in a faltering economy.

Essays and Op-eds

Social Media Will Kill All Knowledge
What's wrong with social media sites

Renaissance & Reformation
Inspired by a recent trip to a Renaissance Festival

Immigration and Arizona SB1070
Judge Bolton disembowels the Arizona Immigration bill


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Satire, humor and fiction are my primary interests, although occasionally, I make forays into the worlds of technology and small business management.
You can also find me on twitter: @rentedfingers , my website at micha...(more)

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author avatar snooky
15th Aug 2010 (#)

Do thee links have to be to wikinut poasts only?

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author avatar j.m. raymond
15th Aug 2010 (#)

Hi Snooky. I would think you could use them for any place you wanted to. I just used all my wikinut posts as an example.

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author avatar Synthaea
15th Aug 2010 (#)

That is such a brilliant idea. Props to you, sir; I may well take that advice on board :)

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author avatar j.m. raymond
15th Aug 2010 (#)

Thank you, Synthaea. Feel free to use and/or improve the idea.

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author avatar Retired
16th Aug 2010 (#)

my hats off to you on this one, great points.

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author avatar j.m. raymond
16th Aug 2010 (#)

Thank you, Rebecca

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author avatar Denise O
29th Aug 2010 (#)

I have been searching wikinut on how to be a better writer of articles, when I came upon your article.
What a great suggestion for all of us too do.
Thank you so much for the tip and the well written article.

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author avatar SiddiQ
1st Sep 2010 (#)

Wow! I never actually thought of that! Thanks! Although, I also have another suggestion: Twitter. Trust me, it'll increase ur traffic flow by over 50%.
I've written a page on this section under the title, 'Increasing Viewers On Your Wikinut page'.
Thanks. Happy writings! :)

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author avatar j.m. raymond
2nd Sep 2010 (#)

Thank you, Denise, for the read and the kind words.

SiddiQ, thank you for reading. Haven't done much w/ Twitter other than for a blog or two that I write for. Might have to give it a try for here.

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author avatar Sinbad the SailorMan
2nd Sep 2010 (#)

J.M Raymond, this is a brilliant Idea. I have Tables made and sitting, but never even thought to put them up in such a way as you have, I have had plans to do this type of thing on my websites, but a big step, was I missing. But, the little excerpts were the missing thing I needed to make them feasible. Thanks so much for this post Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

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author avatar Sinbad the SailorMan
2nd Sep 2010 (#)

Yes Twitter is a great source and now with this new Ideal a greater source a table of contents with excerpts is like a mini site waiting to be explored. I know what I'll be doing the next few days now. Geese more work. Thanks Ray! LoL Donnie/Sinbad the Sailor Man
I 'm going to do it for Triond Too!

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author avatar j.m. raymond
2nd Sep 2010 (#)

Thank you, Sinbad! Sorry about making more work for you, though.

But, not to worry... flashes of brilliance pass this way about once every hundred years or so. Figure I've used up my quota for awhile.

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author avatar Retired
16th Sep 2010 (#)

hi jm raymond
how we keep our old articles in circulation is a very interesting question. thank you for sharing.
thanks also for reading my crime novel so far. Sadly i have had to stop due to mum and dads illness but i will get going again soon and hope to finish before xmas.
you can also find me on triond and at if you are interested in further reading
keep in touch
i have no idea how to send personal messages on wiki nut!
magic quill

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author avatar Lila Bangsawan
12th Jun 2011 (#)

Thanks for sharing your good ideas, especially for a new wikinutter like me.

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