Views on the case of Diao Aiqing's corpse-dismantling at Nanjing University

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In 1996 a student Diao Aiqing was murdered and was cut into two thousand or three thousand pieces at Nanjing University of China

The corpse-dismantling case at Nanjing University

May 19,2018
I think Diao Aiqing's corpse-dismantling case may have been a threat to me, too.
First, I entered the Minjiang Vocational University, my score was below the score line of the college entrance examination. And Diao Aiqing entered Nanjing University and her score was also below the score line of the college entrance examination. Her class was adult education. ( unsolved case! The first and last of the case of dismembered body at Nanjing University, Chinese criminal investigation history of the case of death!》).
Second, Jiangsu province is the hometown of my enemy Ms. Mei in whose name Gong Hao’s wife always persecutes me, such as Luo Yufeng’s case was the same.
Third, Diao Aiqing was cut into two thousand or three thousand pieces, which reminded me of the ancient punishment of "Ling Chi", which only law enforcers were entitled to do. So the Communist law enforcers told their men to do this?
Fourth, The Yangtze River is not far from the place where the pieces of body were dumped on, and the Body pieces were not dumped into the river, but everywhere, in order to create the effect of terror?
Fifth, after the development of the Internet, every year there were people on the Internet to discuss this matter, as if they were afraid that people forgot this case, so the killers’ background is very strong. Last night I found this on a foreign website: (《Action Horde of Jasmine in China: Japan's "731" brutal act exposed, Diao Aiqing’s body fragments Photo album》)"at 21:49 on June 19, 2008, the Tianya Virtual Community website revealed a post entitled ‘A little thought about the case of the corpse-dismantling of Nanjing University ‘, the poster's online name was ‘Black Mass’. Since then, almost every before and after Diao Aiqing's death day, someone would anonymously expose Diao Aiqing’s broken corpse case, for Diao Aiqing’s soul. Although I bought a computer in the fall of 2008, I might have expressed my intention to buy a computer before I bought it. And the monitoring of the adversaries with me was very strict, and they knew about how much I had in the bank. Also, since 2007 I had been on Internet cafes, so it was imperative for me to buy a computer, so their people posted this post in the Tianya forum to prepare for it. Later, after I had had a computer, I found that every year someone on the Internet mentioned Diao Aiqing’s death. People outside the wall said that the Diao Aiqing’s case was due to the living organ removal of the Jiang Zemin faction. I think the Fujian Gang of the Communist Party of China might have run private feuds and official affairs together. For example, the case of Zhaoyuan McDonald's that the man killed that woman might have something to do with me too, which expressed ‘if the jackal comes, the shotgun will greet it, with which for decades they had threatened me if I had the hope of love. And Lei Yang's death seemed to threaten me too, forbidding me from dating the former lover.
Sixth, When I was training in Wan Guo of Beijing in 2001, Hu Jinguang, a professor at Renmin University of China, was probably a cousin of the former President Hu Jintao, in the case a management of pig killer sued the municipal government of Zhuhai, had revealed a kind of information: It was a small matter that those who did not pass the bar exam was killed. Because he said that the pig killer asked him to be a lawyer, but he was picked up by Zhuhai officials after he went to Zhuhai, and he was given a plane ticket back to Beijing. Then the pig butcher hired a lawyer who failed the bar exam and soon the unlicensed prospective solicitor was killed.
Seventh, the famous Netizen, "the host of Dao Hong Xuan", who had visited Diao Aiqing’s family and was detained by local police, this person seems to be from Shandong province where my real father Gong Hao is from. In the word "Dao(悼)" there is "Zhuo(卓)" , which is my mother ' s last name , my mother was called Zhuoyana; And "Hong" is my name , my name is Lin Hong.


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