Visiting museums is good entertainment

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Henri Touloussse de Lautrec's 150 anniversary of his birth may be a good reason to visit a museum or an exhibition on his paintings if any.

Visiting museums is good entertianment

We don't have to wait for Google to remind us which anniversary is on a given day to know what personality was born or died on a given day.
In the same way that we should spare a time to read few pages of a book, it's also important to spare a day a week to visit a museum or an art exhibition. Many of them are free of charge or they are cheap enough to afford an entrance ticket and they usually have special offers for young people, groups, students or the retired. Actually, I'd say we're excusing badly when we say that we can't afford such entertainment or that we don't have the time.
Those who have a talent for drawing or painting are allowed to paint and to learn from the masters in many national museums so long as they're registered as amateur painters and their canvasses are either smaller or bigger than the original ones to prevent plagiarism.
I have to say that whenever I've come across one of these amateur painters, I've really enjoyed to see how this person was trying to copy a master.
A museum or an art exhibition is a good place when one is a bit in the blues or short of cash for other type of entertainment.
We only have to get a ticket and to walk inside to walk in lounges and corridors, admiring what no money in the world can buy.
We don't have to be skilled on painting, because there're many ways to look at a painting. Everyone will be attracted by a certain painting or feature on it. We don't even need a person to guide us in a museum to tell us what we have to see on a painting. This is a personal and unique experience. So long as one appreciates art and good painting, it'll be fine.
It may be a good day to visit a museum to pay homage to Henri de Toulousse Lautrec on his 150 birth anniversary as Google timely remind us and to admire his painting and to enjoy his joyous scenes of Paris night life. As I've read, he happened to suffer from a serious bone illness that prevented him to be taller, but because of this he was and is as the most admirable metre and a half.

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