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A collection of prayers in form of poems, songs and quotes, and other inspirational pieces.

Poem 1. A PRAYER

What's more important than to live this life with peace?
What's more comforting when you see yourself at ease?
If I have to say only words in masks, will I achieve them both?
If I have to pretend with smile, will there be perfect world?

I am lifting my life, to you, Lord, hear my prayer
I won't deny my past have wounded me this way
Look at my heart, please heal it, I need Your mending touch
I trust You, we'll be fine, and I thank You so much!


By your side, my God, I want to rest
There in Your arms I have my perfect peace
I offer You my life, my mind, my soul
Take all of these, my Lord, take them all.

My past, my Lord, is full of miseries
I want to forget it within Your mysteries
Take me, mold me, please hear me now and then
For I am just human, I can't stand in pain.

By Your side, my God, I want to rest
There in Your arms I have my perfect peace
Send me Your spirit, cleanse me with Your fire
With You by my side, I'm not afraid to fly.

Poem 3. HEAL ME

There's a wound in my heart
Oh, please heal it, Lord
I have so much pains
that I can't carry alone.

There's a scar in my mind
Oh, let me do forget
All the miseries of this
Fragile face and limbs
They hit me in my face
Too many times
And tied my hands
So that I can't move.
Do I have to give up
My belief?
My faith?
My name?

There's a wound in my heart
Oh, please heal it,Lord
Just let me hear
One word from you and I know
I shall be healed.

Poem 4. GUIDE ME

I don't know how to read
Through the depths of one's soul
I don't know how to hear
A veritable call.

I don't know how to catch
When somebody throws a thing
I don't know how to show
All my sincerest feelings.

I don't know how to refuse
When a good friend would ask
I don't know how to prove
Why I keep my trust.

I don't know how I fall
Though it's a silly thing
I don't know but I want
To sing and dance in the rain.

Oh, dear Lord I don't know
Why I'm so weak and frail
I ask Your guiding hands
Be the light to my way.


I tried to hide the tears
From those eyes watching me
I tried to call my God
And believed he will hear me.

I have so much to bear
From these snags, I'm not free
Then a pair of eyes saw me
My burden, my misery.

Another angel came
To save me from stress
Her calming voice gave hope
To free me from distress.

Should I still be in doubt
Now that I know, I feel?
He really listens to us
When with faith we call His name.


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author avatar Dhaye
I write in different perspectives. I can make a piece out of momentary emotion, but most of my pieces are fictions- each as a product of my emotional empathy towards my friends, and the media.

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