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Be ready to be Filipinized... and try to embrace our cool and unique characteristics

Certified Filipino

Filipinos are the citizens of the country, Philippines. A country located in South East Asia. The one known as the Pearl of the Orient.

Nowadays, Filipinos are all over the world. Working in different arenas: law, medicine, engineering, hospital and care giving centers and more of them are in the entertainment industry. Some say that they can easily say that a person is a Filipino because they are very talented, have a very contagious smile and very hospitable. Yes, they are few of the traits of a Filipino, that we are very proud of.

But do you know that there are MORE UNIQUE ways on how you can determine if you have a Filipino friend or if you are in a Filipino Community?

1. We love to repeat our names like: TinTin, PotPot, NeNe, LaLa, TonTon, etc.
2. We greet others by raising both of our eyebrows.
3. We point through our lips by pouting it.
4. We have pail and bucket in our bathroom area.
5. We offer foods to visitors despite of the fact that we might have nothing to eat after that. (We are just so accommodating I guess)
6. We love family reunions and gatherings.
7. We put a lot of soy sauce in our foods (and other condiments as well)
8. We put hotdogs in our spaghetti.
9. We sometimes call people ''PSSTTT"
10. Ladies like whitening soap (ahahha)
11. We say 'opo' and 'po' to elders as a sign of respect.
12. We call others (who we don;t know) KUYA - for guys and ATE - for girls.
13. We love KARAOKE. We love singing. Singing is eveybody's hobby.

In fact, there are more. These are just few of our unique traits and characteristics. It might sound weird for others, but we already embraced these kinds of unique culture of ours.


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author avatar Marcus Writes
6th May 2015 (#)

Proud to be Filipino!

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author avatar Vicente Sudiacal
9th May 2015 (#)

We also love Festivals.

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