WKRP in Cincinnati: 10 Years Later

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The crazy antics of a radio station in Cincinnati, Ohio......


Andy Travis (Gary Sandy) – now station manager and married for 5 years is a workaholic who’s marriage is on the rocks.
Arthur Carlson (Gordon Jump) – having lightened his load at the station due to his mother’s death and being a full-time dad, is dealing with his teen age daughter, Sienna.
Jennifer Marlowe-Richardson (Loni Anderson) – still receptionist, but married to wealthy oil tycoon, Barrett Richardson, and dealing with Herb’s flirting antics.
Herb Tarlek, Jr. (Frank Bonner) – divorced, scheming to woo Jennifer away from her wealthy husband, ex-wife deals with their teen age children, Bunny and Herb III.
Dr. Johnny Fever (Howard Hessman) – morning DJ and newly married to socialite who’s after his millions after winning the lottery.
Venus Flytrap aka Gordon Simms (Tim Reid) – nighttime DJ, engaged to his childhood sweetheart when he reconnected with a year ago.
Bailey Quarters (Jan Smithers) - WKRP news reporter after receiving her bachelors in journalism after Les retires, workaholic newlywed who neglects her husband for her #1 love—her job.
Les Nessman (Richard Sanders) – retired from WKRP, but still hangs around the station, because he just can’t stay away.
Arthur Carlson, Jr. – Carlson’s adult son, now in the Navy, despite his father’s wishes for him to join the Army.
Sienna Carlson – Carlson’s teen age daughter, straight A student, but gets involved with the wrong group at school after meeting her boyfriend, Stryker Harris.

Chapter 1: The Award

Arthur was having a hard time dealing with Sienna, his 13-year-old daughter. He thought lessening his duties at the radio station to just an owner would improve his home life, but Carmen went back to school to get her law degree and he was stuck taking care of their two children, Arthur, Jr., who was now an adult and in the Navy, and Sienna.

Sienna, always a straight-A student, and the apple of his eye, was now an unruly teenager always in trouble after meeting her boyfriend, Stryker Harris. What did she see in him?! He was just a wild boy with no future, unlike his daughter, who would go far if she would just stay away from that boy!
“Mr. Carlson, you’re daughter, Sienna, is in the principal’s office again?” the school secretary, Marla said when Arthur answered his cell. He still didn’t get the hang of today’s modern technology.
“What’s Sienna done this time?”
“This time the police are involved!” Marla told him.
“I’ll be there right away.” Arthur said as he rushed to his car and headed toward Sienna’s high school.

Back at WKRP, Andy was in a meeting with Jennifer, Herb, Bailey, Johnny, Venus and Les—who for some reason, hung around after he retired.
“I have some good news.” Andy told his coworkers when they all assembled into his office for the meeting.
“What is it?” Jennifer asked, always the employee who helped the morale the station. She was the best receptionist. Andy thought Jennifer would quit after she married wealthy oil tycoon, Barrett Richardson, but she stuck to her guns and stayed on at WKRP, against her husband’s wishes.
“I’m happy to announce, that after years of hard work, WKRP is being honored as the #1 radio station.” Andy told his coworkers.
“Hallelujah!” everyone said in unison as they raised their hands.
“When’s the party?” Herb chimed in.
“Party?” Andy asked.
“We got to have a party to celebrate? Don’t you all agree?”
“You know, Herb, for once, I agree. We need a night to celebrate our success.” Bailey agreed.
“We can have it at my mansion.” Jennifer suggested.
After the discussion to plan a party ended, Herb pulled Jennifer aside, “Care to go to this shindig with me?”
“Herb, I’m a married woman.” Jennifer politely declined his offer, as Les slyly laughed at Herb.
“Still can’t land the girl?” Les mocked Herb.
“What are you doing here? You no longer work here?” Herb hissed.

Thousands of miles away, in Afghanistan, Arthur Jr, was caught in an ambush when his Navy brigade stormed the Taliban headquarters, where he was caught and held hostage by Taliban mercenaries.

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