Waiting for a Career

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You take the metro and then something unexpected happens

Changing Career

You take the metro every week. He stood in the lines, moved seemingly at a slow pace during rush hour, sticking his ticket stub in a machine and pulling it out, charging more money to the ticket when you needed to. You saw all the people in their suits, pantsuits, ties and scarves. The women wearing black heels and the men wearing loafers or dress shoes. To you it was normal. You even saw the kids in the latest styles and fashions, their hair in wild styles that you thanked God that he wasn’t that way when you were a kid. You probably were. You now stand in your black heels and your scarf waiting for the metro like all the other drones.
You weren’t going into marketing when you were younger. When you were younger, you wanted to go a be a nurse. You even took a couple CPR classes. You were going to read a couple of medical books and get a degree. But it wasn’t working. You weren’t good at the actual work. Sure you could read the books and take the test but when you actually saw what it took, you didn’t have the stomach. So now you just do statistics. There’s nothing wrong with statistics but what is right with them? You were graded on a curve in medical school and now you’re all about the curve.
You swing your brunette ponytail side to side in frustration. You’re annoyed. The metro is taking too long. You sigh. You look around but it’s so crowded, there’s nowhere to sit. So you stand. You wish you didn’t pick these shoes to wear; God they hurt. Your brother would probably penalize you for using the lord’s name in vain: he’s a priest. He had switched religions and turned Catholic. You don’t get it but he didn’t understand why you’re in marketing, so it’s pretty equal. Your mother wishes you would have a boyfriend so you can give her grandchildren. You sometimes think your brother was pretty smart to become a priest but most of the time you just don’t understand it.
You look up. It’s another half hour. It’s getting hot and stuffy. Thank God you have water. Again you think of your brother waving his finger wearing a stern look. Your brother has nice blue eyes like your father. You don’t have blue eyes, no just hazel. Hazel is an okay color but all the girls loved your brother’s eyes. They would tell you.
You hear someone suddenly call for help. You look around but it’s so crowded that you can’t really see what’s happening at first. Then the gap opens up and you see a man and woman struggling. She does something so fast you can’t see what it is and then he goes down. It looks like he’s choking. The woman moves away and fades into the crowd. You don’t know how, but now you’re next to the man. You’re now bent over and you sort of leave your body as you perform CPR on the man. When you’re done, he’s alive and then the emergency people come by. People are clapping. What did you do though?
The train comes. You get on. You’re thinking about the man. Was he a bad person? Was the woman a bad person? Maybe you saved someone who would save the world or destroy it? Your phone rings.
‘Hey, it’s your brother!’
‘I know you don’t have to say that every time. I have caller ID.’
‘Sorry bad habit. I was calling to see what happened to you.’
‘Funny thing, I’m thinking about changing careers.’


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author avatar Ravyn
I live in California, US and I am currently 23 years old. I love to write a variety of topics usually dark and thoughtful, sometimes funny. I also write and draw four series of comics.

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