Walking Down the Street

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Walking down the street, there she was, a young woman smiling like a child.


Walking down the street,
moving every inch
of her young body,
there she was,
enjoying a day off,
just walking in the city.
Maybe she wasn't the prettiest girl
in the world,
for today,
she was ok with being herself.
Her long hair was done
on a nice ponytail,
and a few loose strands
were being caressed by the wind,
and she couldn't help smiling.
What's the use in being
always so perfect,
if you can't enjoy
those little pleasures of life
that make your heart beat faster?
Only for today,
she was enjoying your true self,
after spending a long time
being trapped behind
the dark shadows of fear and insecurity.
The taste of freedom was so sweet,
that made her soul sing with happiness.
Only for a little moment,
everything was perfect.
Walking down the street,
there she was,
a young woman
that felt more powerful than ever.

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