Walking cleanses the mind, body and soul

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This article looks at how brisk walking affects our mind and body. It explores the idea that walking cleanses mind, body and even the soul.

A walk to a healthier tomorrow

It is the experience of a lifetime,
It rids me of internal grit and grit and grime.
My mind is so much at ease,
The neighbours can no longer tease.
When I walk I feel like I'm in heaven,
That's why I do it twenty-four-seven.

Tomorrow no longer holds any demons or lack of sleep
I can't stop the walking anyway because I'm in too deep.
It makes the heart strong and improves my mood,
I am now neither a friend of rudeness nor an enemy of food.
These walks have the effect of going fishing,
I smile when my wife carries on with the dishing.

It is cool that I can replace fishing with a walk,
My wife is no more a victim of cruel talk.
Walks work the body and mind,
It allows for leisure and time to unwind.
When I look back now I can't imagine how I lived my life,
Life is so perfect now and free of strife.

My heart was once so cold,
Blood wasn't flowing and I didn't know if life would unfold.
Walking has bettered my heartbeat and my health,
I am now ecstatic even though I have no wealth.
My mind now speaks thoughts that I never knew existed
My wife often advised me so I don't know why I resisted.

My body is cleansed and my mind is so clear,
I am now rid of that unfounded fear.
Thoughts flow freely from my mind and love from my heart,
My reflexes allow me to dodge a dart.
I can figure out a maths problem fast,
Not many predicted that I could last.
Now if I don't walk my body and mind start to complain,
It punishes me with unforgiving pain.

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