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This page describes the feelings of a person walking down the isle to meet his fiance. The aim is to give readers insight on the emotions that can run through the human heart on wedding day.

The marriage of true love

The beads of sweat run down my unforgiving face
It suddenly felt like I was about to run a marathon race.
Down the path stood the joy of my future life
To get there I had to endure a little more strife.
My heart pounds at the thought of her walking those last few yards,
Her father looks at me through eyes of countless prison guards.

I could but manage just a nervous smile,
I would be taken in a short while.
My knees start to shake like a mild earthquake,
This is fate's way of reminding me what's at stake.
For five years I have waited for this time,
The mind utters words that do not rhyme.

There is still time to walk away,
Without her I would begin to stray.
This feeling is worse than when I sat through an exam,
I slowly feel the tension buildup inside my emotion's dam.
Her smile sends gushes of waves through my already tortured heart,
It was like watching a romance in slow motion from the start.

I have to be cautious that I don't smell of indecision,
My proposal was performed with such precision.
Time stands still for thoughts to flood my overflowing mind,
This experience has to be worthy of a rewind.
Why is it taking so long to get my thoughts and emotions in order?
It is I who puts up this invisible border.

Finally I pour cold water on the fire that rages in me,
Without this earth-shattering pounding I can now jump with glee.
I begin to smile and nod with a wink,
This is my signal to her that I am happy to be on the brink.
A tear escaped down her cheek to express relief,
I could sense her self-belief returning to overpower her grief.

Blood returns to my my pale face,
I'm moments away from a sweet embrace.
I realize now I have nothing to fear,
Our moment of binding is far too dear.
Slowly she begins that fateful walk,
The eyes meet without any talk.

I now get to experience the father's glare,
I silently promise to carry her up every stair.
He smiles willingly to grant me permission,
To thaw his heart wasn't much of a mission.
The pat on my back sends me on my way,
I think he realizes that I am here to stay.

Her vail is tempting to remove,
My vows have to be said before I make my move.
Finally I get to look into her glittering eyes,
Two hearts becoming one is more precious than a prize.
This kiss would finally end this day of celebration,
We would be together for eternity without deliberation.

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