Walking in Sunshine

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Some say it is a had world to live in, while others seem to find their way without problems.



Out there
In the humdrum
Of everyday life
Skating on the thin ice
And cold streets

Of a time
That has become filled
With smog and poison gas.
And who will be the last
To chatter by
And not say hi?

Summer Comes

When summer comes again,
We will lock up our lives and flee
To the mountain trees
Pulling the summer sky
Over our heads
Before we say good night
Dimmed in the silence
Of a billion stars
Lit as brightly
As the streets in heaven.

The Journey

The Journey

We, as Heavenly beings,
Live out our lives
As best we can,
Not of this world,
But in this world.

This is the journey of spirit,
This is life above the shadows
Of sun, and moon,
And the evening stars
That move ever so slowly
Into the light of the living day.
Picking out our way
Ever so carefully
Finding our winding path
On little pearls of truth,

In the Light

But not like a limp sock
Drooping on its stick
On a windless and lightless day,
But one filled
With the breath of God
In every way.
It is here, in this place
Where truth waits un- circumcised
And where the light,
Like a magnet draws
And fills our souls,
Opens our eyes.
Not because the wise,
The politician and the scientist,
Who are plotting together
Try to tell us what is right
And what is wrong,
But because God
Teaches His people
How to walk without fear

And how to live our lives,
Like birds who fly
Above the shadows.


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Above The Clouds, Above The Rim, God, God And Human Kind, God And Humankind, God And Man, Gods Love, Gods Word

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author avatar Utah Jay
I have been writing since the beginning of time it seems, not because I want to write, but because I have too. My favorite form of writing is poetry, all kinds and types of poetry.

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author avatar WOGIAM
31st Oct 2014 (#)

It does appear that life is a constant struggle for some while others seem to glide through.

Life is one mystery.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
31st Oct 2014 (#)

Utah Jay, I simply loved this! Your words are perfect and the pictures are stunning. I was going to pick one that I absolutely loved and then I decided I love them all. Smiles to you!

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author avatar LOVERME
2nd Nov 2014 (#)

u just excel

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author avatar Utah Jay
3rd Nov 2014 (#)

Thank you Nancy, WOGIAM, and LOVERME for not being here sooner, but I lost another sister late last week and have been tied up.

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author avatar Utah Jay
3rd Nov 2014 (#)

See, how it effects me. What I meant to say was I am sorry for not being here sooner.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
5th Nov 2014 (#)

Nice poem and very meaningful!

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