War against evil at South African universities

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Lies, deception, war, demonic posessions, more lies and more evil and more deception and more Satanic possessions... such is everyday life at South Africa's universities.

War against evil at South African universities

I'm slightly uneasy. Mother, without my knowledge, has arranged a dinner date with Professor Fisherman Radish. This Professor of sorts gave a lovely sermon at Mother's church a Sunday or three ago, and Mother, always concerned about my spiritual life, decided that the two of us should meet.

At first I didn't want to. Especially when I found out she sent a letter to him beforehand, exposing all my most secret inner thinkings, and my personal life. She says she wants him to know what my thinking is on the subject of religion and such, so that the two of us can have a proper conversation.

Sounds more like she's hoping he converts me or something. But she says it's good to hear somebody else's opinions too sometimes.

So anyway, come the appointed time, Mother, Father and I drive to Universityville where we shall dine at a most delicious, yummy scrummy restaurant, and meet with this brilliant professor.

Well, the professor and his wife arrives, and we have a lovely evening. But the religious talk doesn't go far; I have no questions for him and he isn't clued in on today's religious talk, whatwith all the relatively new movements and belief systems, like ancient astronaut theories and whatever else is doing the rounds today. He basically stuck to Christian belief, and therefore our conversation about religion isn't really that rich.

Good thing Father was there, for Father could have more of a modern religion talking session and bring up all the things he finds interesting, like the Bible's mention of "Sons of God" and such and such.

However, the conversation turns interesting for me when it turns to the professor's work.

It would appear although one would think that a professor's work is about advancing the knowledge and minds of our young people, under this evil ANC (African National Congress) regime, it has become all about full out warfare.

The news media reports on these university protests that have been going on, pretty lightly, simplifying it as a protest against the use of the Afrikaans language at the university.

This of course doesn't make sense in the slightest.

There are just about countless universities, colleges and learning centres in the country that all provide their courses in English.

There are only two major universities in South Africa that provide their courses in Afrikaans, and then English translations through headphones during classes, and translated written work, are also made available for those who want it in English. TWO.

So, why do these black ANC satanists, whose own languages are NOT English but other indigenous languages, but for some insane reason insist that their education be provided in English, a violent colonist language here, not simply just go to English universities and colleges?

Howcome they deliberately enroll in universities that are traditionally Afrikaans, knowing full well that classes will not be provided in English only, and then start protesting, vandalising and burning down the university buildings when they find, as they well knew, that Afrikaans is also spoken at the university?

We discuss it at the table tonight, and as I suspected, the professor and his wife tell us that it's actually just about 50 black anti-white racists out of all the hundreds of students, both black and white, who go to high schools and the streets, recruiting violent actors to pose as students during these protests, making it look to the television cameras like ALL the black students are there to protest the use of Afrikaans at a traditionally Afrikaans university, insisting that Afrikaans, spoken by the meaningful students who actually take their education seriously, be abolished or they will get violent and destroy the university.

The professor tells us more horror stories that probably should not be retold here. Suffice to say that this is a full out war of espionage, complete with spies on both sides, and teams of techies who have to track social media accounts and telephone conversations in order to stop the never ending wave of evil these satanic ANC terrorists unleash wherever they go.

It is a lot more serious than what is portrayed in the media. And it certainly is NOT a situation of black students who protest against the use of the Afrikaans language, when there are more than enough non-Afrikaans institutions of higher learning. It is a war of evil, lying, deceptive, satanic possessed filth who are holding South Africa hostage, with their arresting the development of good and prosperity, and hijacking the future of South Africans on the side of good.

Unfortunately, the extremely evil ANC cannot stand white Afrikaner children who will probably have a bright future because of taking their education seriously, so the ANC man in charge of this university came up with a vision to make sure white students are got rid of: The ANC's national rule of 90 % black, 10 % white and other ethnicities.

Although the ANC pretends that it's "non-racial" in their governance, they do nothing NOT based on race. And even that is a lie; they don't favor black people - they favor black ANC cadres. Non-ANC black people can go to hell as far as the ANC is concerned.

Now, the professor explains to us, there simply aren't enough black students who actually qualify for university in order to bring enough black students in so that there would be enough to make them be 90% and the white and other students 10% of the total.

So, the only way to do it would be the reverse: Eliminate the white students until they are only around 10%.

And that is really what these protests are about: Getting rid of white people. The ANC knows white people would NEVER, EVER, EVER IN THEIR RIGHT MIND, vote for the evil, greedy, lying criminal ANC, therefore the ANC cannot handle having them around. White people asks questions like where does their tax money go, and the ANC wants to steal to their leisure, as they have been doing for over 20 years of being in power, so people on the side of good are not their friends.

Another thing is, where the ANC rules, education systems and institutions have fallen apart. They're useless. They are good for the black masses in the ANC's eyes, because they won't make black people any smarter, so they won't start asking questions about the ANC's governance, getting the ANC all insecure about their totalitarian power grip dream.

But Afrikaans is like a barrier; it is spoken mainly by white people who hold normal values of effectiveness and actual substance, and it is also spoken by coloureds who can associate with that. Many black people too, make no mistake, but these aren't your evil satanic "liberal" extremes who want to destroy everything.

So the ANC cannot leave these Afrikaans speaking institutions alone, for these are a threat for they might produce actual intellectuals who cannot blindly follow an oppressive regime of absolute evil. Who is going to vote the ANC into more power if black people are no longer dumb masses who follow blindly out of fear of being violently and savagely killed? What if black people started having individual thought patterns and start to revolt? The ANC shall lose power, if not be killed by the very people they have fooled the world into believing they represent!

The evil ANC came to power in 1994 after a long, bloodthirsty satanic campaign of intimidating black people into supporting them, making it look to the world asif the ANC represents what all black people want, and of course the attention-diverting sob story of Nelson Mandela who was jailed for 27 years for "his beliefs". Nevermind that those "beliefs" were that it doesn't matter how many innocent people are killed during a violent Communist take-over, terrorist attacks and bombings, or how many black people are burned to death with petrol during necklacing ceremonies, as long as the ANC become the ultimate reigning power holding South Africa hostage, and remain in power at any and all cost.

Since they've come to power, the ANC's main aim has been to steal themselves rich through total corruption on all levels of governance, with no non-corrupted level of authority left to take down any corrupted level of authority, since the whole thing will be totally corrupt from top to bottom, one wicked evil criminal mafia protecting itself against the forces of good.

This, among countless horrors of atrocity, has led to their main man, what we are expected to acknowledge as a state president, Jacob Zuma, being a low life piece of criminal filth who stole around 300 million rands of public funds to build himself a private homestead palace complex, with his ANC criminal mafia buddies making sure any and all efforts to hold him accountable for his crimes lead to nothing whatsoever. And they are very successful so far. I guess evil really does always win in this world.

Well, let it be known to all that this South African only endures the ANC "government", and does not actually acknowledge them as an actual authority, for true acknowledgement is in the heart, and there is none for the ANC "government". You, ANC, are not only on the side of the forces of evil, you ARE the forces of evil. If there weren't Afrikaners, Afrikaans and Christianity to make your satanic goals harder to obtain, one can only shudder at how extensive one can imagine your decadence and thirst for absolute, self indulging, oppressive power would have been by now.

Anyway, poor professor Fisherman Radish. While he should be focusing on advancing the minds of our young people, he's saddled up with all this absolutely evil rubbish, having to fight World War three for the survival of the university. Probably not quite what he signed up for when he took the job.

Fortunately, although one may find that usually the police force are more interested in protecting the criminal from the victim, or so it is in the ANC regime anyway, Professor Fisherman Radish was lucky enough to find that the universe put an Indian police man in touch with him. So at least it's somebody with brains, and not just a mind controlled slave of the ANC. So, in this case, the police force actually help in the fight against these violent demonic ANC protestors who are all about destroying anything meaningful.

The professor's wife is of course also angry that during elections, the ANC bring many supporters by bus into areas where there aren't ANC supporters. This then makes it look like the ANC won that ward too, when it's all lies.

It's even gone as far as ANC cadres in the IEC ("independent electorial commission") sending white people messages that they need to go vote at some far off voting booths. The idea is of course so that only ANC votes are made in that area. Lies, manipulation and deception is the ANC's only modus operandi.

Well it's been a nice evening, and I hope the professor and his team cope in this war against evil. I wish it could be won, but since evil won't stop, the war against it is perpetual.


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9th Dec 2015 (#)

An intersting piece, but I gave up two-thirds of the way through!

You will get more people reading your articles if you break them up into smaller sections and don't get too wordy.

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author avatar Marzeus von Hemelen
9th Dec 2015 (#)

Hey so sorry you're lazy man! Thanks for reading anyway :) Feel free to read as much or as little as you wish.

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