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Marzeus has really bad memories of warthogs. Once when he was thirteen, a supposedly tame warthog came up to him and without a word, ripped his pants to shreds with its teeth in what seemed like one motion.


The same warthog and a friend of it, got too excited in his presence; he doesn't know if they were playful with him or what, but the end of it was that he was running away like crazy with two warthogs chasing him over two fences, his clothes getting torn in the process. Really bad experience of feeling like you're losing control.

With all that experience of warthogs in his past, here he stands a foot away from another warthog by his feet.

Quiet!! he screams in vain to the dogs. He's scared that their noise will make the warthog panic or make it charge. It's common knowlege (and a common story) that warthogs can tear dogs to shreds.

The dogs keep barking and biting at the snout they see. Marzeus tries to stay calm, and decides to just stand a little bit away. It's obvious these dogs have found something they have an unquenchable obsession with.

What's more: The hole is much too small for the warthog. It couldn't back up far enough into the hole, and a great part of its face is within the dogs' reach.

Marzeus tries to call them away in vain. Perhaps if he leaves, they'll come with him. Maybe he should leave and they might get tired of barking at the warthog after a while. If it stays in the hole quietly and ignore the dogs.

But, then it happens: The warthog storms out of the hole!

Marzeus flees the scene whilst checking over his shoulder. His thoughts of a few moments ago of "please don't let the dogs get hurt" have now instantly changed to "go for the dogs if you need to hurt something; just don't come after me!!"

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