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Let me take you to a cave of wonders where the fairies with their speedily flapping wasplike wings are abundantly flying around in a world of their own... no wait. These aren't fairies that are so flying around. They actually are wasps. Close enough...


Late this afternoon I'm boating with Majesty, when I suddenly feel like doing something. For a while now I have been wanting to make a fire and sit around it, even if the fire is just to boil water so I can drink some Milo or something.

There's this stone braaier structure that has always stood near the kitchen door of Tower Mansion. We haven't used it in decades.

So, tonight is the night I decide. I shall make a fire in it.

I take out the potted plant that's been standing in it lately.

It's a bit of trouble to get a wood fire started in it. I got some wood from the fireplace indoors and some old firelighters, but the firelighters must have dried out because they're not burning. Finally with the help of some gel, I finally get a reluctant fire started and later still, it's burning nicely.

I put an old camping kettle with water right next to the fire, to boil myself some water.

At one time when I approach the braaier, I see something interesting. What are those? Termites? Seems termites are attracted to the light of the fire and now they're everywhere. One of them even flies over and sits on me but I'm a bit in thought and don't really take notice.

At closer inspection though, I realize these aren't termites. They're wasps.

Oh crap! This one sitting on me is a wasp too! I hit it off of me with my sleeve.

I get some spray pesticide in the house. I take out the kettle from the braaier using a mop handle, and then I spray a cloud of pesticide into the braaier.

Suddenly there's a rumble. It sounds and feels like the entire earth is vibrating.

Then I see what's causing it: It's the sound of what seems like thousands of big wasps dying.

All around the fire in the braaier, wasps are flapping their wings as they are dying. It would appear this entire stone structure has become what can only be descriped as Wasparia, filled with big wasps that have been living undisturbed probably for years. Now that my fire and smoke and pesticide disturbed them and is killing them, they are completely confused and don't understand why they are dying.

The noise of all of them buzzing at the same time is extremely impressive. It sounds like a rumbling of sorts.

After a while and some more pesticide clouds, it seems most of them are dead while some are still trying weakly to sting themselves to death.

I put the kettle back and sit by the fire for a while. I try to listen to the radio but it's depressing; "President" Jacob Zuma who had stolen millions to palacify his private home in Nkandla, is simply going to get off scot free because the criminal terrorist ANC government is protecting him.

On the news they say the government is going to let a commission discuss the matter BEHIND CLOSED DOORS and will NOT reveal any information to the public (whose tax money has been so stolen), and after the discussion the commission is going to bury the information and never talk about it again. SO WHAT WAS THE BLOODY POINT??? The ANC is nothing but a criminal mafia network. Absolute scum.

After a while I go in and just use the electric kettle to boil the water for my Milo. I don't know if I want to use the water that's been in the kettle in the braaier that I fumigated with pesticide and where wasps have been crawling over everything.

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