Watching it all burn

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Father, Mother and I have stopped at Tower Hills Airport. Since there is no grass on the runway, and the buildings are high and solid and won't easily catch fire by the time the fire gets here, we should be able to find shelter here for a while.

Watching it all burn

Father parks the cars inside one of the aeroplane hangers. Now we are sitting on plastic chairs in front of the hanger, watching the hills burn.

The problem really is the August winds. Around these parts, every August, the wind blows like a mad flood. There are times during the day when it is slightly calmer, and then suddenly comes these bursts of wind waves that push everybody and everything down if they are not firmly rooted and stable.

Many trees in our garden have fallen through the years, by being pushed by these strong winds. In fact, most all the high trees in our garden stand slanted to one side, as the wind has blown them ever since they were little. We're always afraid that they might fall over.

Anyway, it is absolutely astonishing to watch this insane wind in combination with wildfires. In a matter of hours, they blow these high flames along the hills, from the horizon in the North to the horizon in the South, destroying everything in the path of the flames.

Our neighbour, Missis Rantie, with whom and with whom's husband we haven't had good relationships with, comes driving up. We probably never would have talked to each other, except it seems in a situation like this, all petty politics are off.

She tells us how she saw the fire and smoke clouds sweep over Tower Hills, and the tears wanted to burst ouf of her eyes. So she had to come see if anybody made it out alive. She then drives back to her place and returns with tea and cookies, to calm our nerves.

So, there we sit. We can't go home because the firestorm isn't over yet. The smoke sits like a thick blanket over the hill, while at the bottom, more fires are blown along by the wind.

Later, when the firestorm has blown across to the right of our vision, we see something making this huge, thick, black cloud of smoke. Wonder what is burning over there. It seems serious.

Meanwhile, we try to see if we can make out our own home. Where is Tower Mansion? Has the entire complex burned to the ground? For a long time, we can't make out anything because from the ground up to the heavens, smoke conceils everything. In our minds though, we have kind of written off our lovely home. How could anything possibly have survived? We'll just have to wait it out for some more hours, until everything that was to be burned, has burned out and the smoke cleared somewhat.

I suddenly cringe as I think of my work. I've been working on Timebotics for 20 years now, and finally that project was starting to come to fruition. But if everything is destroyed now... I cannot finish the thought or I'll cry.

And what about the project Mother and I have been working on? Our studio might very well be burned to the ground now, and all the footage lost. It's best not to think about all that now.

After recording some shots of the smoke and flames with my video camera, I set up the camera by the chair I'm sitting on, while on the chair next to me, Majesty is sitting and watching the horror unfold before our eyes.

Well, I must say I certainly did get much more wildfire footage today than I had bargained for. However, if everything else relating to the project has been destroyed in this fire, it's kind of meaningless to have just this wildfire footage alone.

Oh well, it won't help to make ourselves depressed. We just keep on helplessly watching as the entire world before our eyes is burned down.

And then, we pack up and have to leave, because more flames are rolling along towards us from our left. Where we'll go now, we don't know. Perhaps we can take Missis Rantie's basket and cups back.

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