Ways to Successfully Waste Your Time

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More often than not, hobbies are categorized as something completely different from real life career goals and ambitions. The strict programming of our brains does not let us accept the fact that hobbies and what we love can be converted to full time jobs.

6 Way's to Successfully Waste Your Time

People who are creative, usually face these challenges. The inner creative guy tells them to make more out of their passions and hobbies while an artificially instilled practical guy inside them makes them realize their mistake (read accomplishment).

Wasting time is a common phrase used by people very often. Now, what looks like an effort to screw up everything is actually one the first few steps to something really big. Just like every coin, this has two sides, it is important for you to understand that you are no less than a person who has earned accolades in academics and has a high paying job. Your wasting of time can earn you more accomplishments and not to say, money than the one doing with his regular corporate job.

If you find yourself in the middle of a chaos inside your brain, if you find yourself battling with yourself to find a job and do it even if you don't want to, you are very well aware where are going to crash in the near future. Identify the one thing that you love doing and run behind it like crazy. Turn into a maniac and prove your mettle, show everyone around that wasting time can be fruitful.

Students often commit suicides under the load of their books and high competition exams. The working class is no less than anyone else in today's competitive scenario and thus the number of suicides owing to work pressure are no alien to our society. It's time we changed our attitude and started following our hearts. There is already a lot of tension in the world, all we need now is satisfaction.

In the following few scribbles, we talk about some of the hobbies often identified as just hobbies but can be turned into successful professions.

1) Writing

A lot of people find refuge in writing. Sitting down with a pen and paper and just expressing the deepest of their desires, thoughts and what not, makes them feel and understand everything around them differently. While you are doing this just for your sake, make it bigger by publishing your articles on different platforms. Start a blog and let people read what you are expressing. You never know when the one person looking for somebody just like you might read what you've written and take you higher in your writing journey.

2) Talking

You read it right, talking. There are a number of people who love talking and can go on for hours. Even with strangers, some people can strike a conversation and turn into something real. For people like these ones, the career options are endless. A number of jobs require people to take surveys, do stage shows, anchor on different platforms. Also, if you are not interested in working for anyone else, you can start video blogging on various social platforms like YouTube. There are numerous vloggers who have actually made it big, only with the help of YouTube.

3) Travel

If travel is your thing and you can't stop yourself from packing your bags every now and then, you can opt for a very interesting career option. Try becoming a part time guide. Different platforms and trip organizers are always in search of people who have visited various tourist destinations and are aware about all the attractions there. This fulfills their purpose of a well educated travel guide and you get to earn while you travel.

4) The Chandler Bing Syndrome

Wondering what is it? This is what I like to call the people suffering from sarcasm. If you find yourself scooping humor out of every situation, you really have a bright future. Stand up comics are in demand more than ever and people would definitely pay good amounts of money just to have a good laugh. Make the most of this opportunity, hit the local bars and clubs with your sarcastic quotient and let them fall down from their chairs.

5) Painting

If paintbrushes are your thing, start showing those canvas paintings to people at exhibitions and events. Its time you start getting paid for all your hard work. Modern art is something which a lot of people admire. Looking at life from someone else's perspective amuses people and you can easily earn a fortune out of it.

6) Music

An art form that has been attracting people more than anything has given the world some amazing maestros to cherish. If music is the place you want to be and it is the only thing you can think about, you can start from the local clubs and bars around you and this eventually will open many doors. A musician is given all due respect by most of the people now and the society has started embracing them with utmost willingness.

The only thing that makes sense is, if doing something pleases you, try and make a career out of it. The only important thing is to waste time, and to waste it in only in terms and perspectives of the society. While everyone is thinking you are wasting your time, it is only you who knows the real worth of what you are doing.

Although the article does not cover all the areas in which you might be interested, the only thought behind writing this article is to inspire you to keep doing the things you love and make a living out of it. What society thinks and what people say will only be mere words in the future and these very people will respect you for your achievements. It is only a matter of time. Be true to your real identity and you will soon be identified with the very thing forever.


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7th Jun 2016 (#)

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You men also have another hobby, ass licking your bloody mothers and harassing women for dowry to become rich.
Those are not time wasting technique but being married to an Indian Bastard is. I made a mistake and never again will turn around as you self personified Indian bloody males just put a female down as your prerogative and try to control life using your fucking dick.
Don't care who you are, ALL OF YOU ARE THE SAME. An Indian man is a waste of time as they are perverts personified with no other work but to laze and wait for food cooked by the wife and then bring the country's image up by making it second highest in AIDS after Africa.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
7th Jun 2016 (#)

Thank god I am not totally Indian and was never brought up Indian.

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8th Jun 2016 (#)

Interesting page.

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