We Saw it Then - And We See it Now: The Jerusalem-From-On-High (Part 3)

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In religious circles much confusion is centered around the understanding of what "Judgment Day" really is. To the wicked it consists of having the truth told on them, to the righteous it means an opportunity for escape, and to both it will mean also the destruction of the surface of the earth.

Global Truth-Telling is a Judgment on the Wicked

(Note: All quotations are taken from the “Good News Translation” (GNT) of the Catholic Bible)


“Judgment Day is final, and sets the final seal on truth for all to see.”

(End quote)

Any form of truth-telling is a form of “judgment” on the wicked. So, when Ezra talks of a “Judgment Day,” he speaks of an extended period of time where global truth-telling is going to take place.

In that contest between the truth and the lie it is important that all “truth-tellers” are united in a global oneness lest they be overpowered by the combined forces of liars who definitely operate within a oneness all of their own.

The latter usually hold political and financial power, and often corral the splintered majority into submission to their own form of despotism. However the power of the lying minority operating in oneness can only be overcome by a majority with little power that also works in the oneness. Where for instance the oneness of the 99% meets the 1% in a life-and-death contest, the oneness of the 99% will prevail, and thereby usher in a new era of righteousness.

There is a global awakening and dispensation of facts (truth) going on today, which 2400 years ago was described as being a “Judgment Day.” The internet is undoubtedly the chosen vehicle of the masses to get the truth told to all.

The "Future Age" Will See Righteousness and Truth in Full Maturity


Those who survive all these things that I have predicted will be rescued when I bring to an end this world that I created. They will see those who never died but were taken up alive into heaven. The hearts and minds of people on earth will be changed. Evil will be destroyed and deceit eliminated. Faith will grow strong, corruption will be overcome, and truth, which has not produced fruit for so long, will make itself felt again.

But the Judgment Day will be the end of the present age and the beginning of the future age. Then all corruption will end, self-indulgence and disloyalty will be eliminated. Righteousness and truth will reach their full maturity.

So on Judgment Day, no one will be able to have mercy on those who have been condemned, and no one will be able to harm those who have been acquitted.”

(End Quote)

Update March 13, 2013: The text saying "....when I bring to an end this world that I created." could be misinterpreted to mean that we endorse the implied meaning Ezra was given concerning the concept of "God." Commander Uriel has not created this world and can therefore also not "bring it to an end." What Uriel did was not have a dispute with Ezra concerning how godhood was to be understood. for that would have endangered Ezra from persecution by his own people who had adopted the one-God-theory as fact.

Now we finally understand the meaning of being “rescued” or “going to heaven alive” at the “end of this world.” It is classic terminology for what happens when the ready ones become evacuated away from the surface of this planet before awful catastrophes can strike them all dead!

2400 years later we have finally arrived at the threshold of the “future age” where no more corruption will rule the day, and “righteousness and truth will reach their full maturity.”

The last sentence will strike fear among all who have without limit dedicated themselves to manifestations of pure evil. The "condemned" who will refuse to enter the rescue ships when they come on evacuation day will be shown no mercy from onrushing tidal waves, while no harm can come to the "acquitted" (from suffering the effects of onrushing tidal waves) in the reality of their personal evacuation into the star ships. We now also know that all persons having sought refuge (as the "acquitted" ones) will become dropped off on planets consistent with their personal dispositions.

Ezra as Witness to "Judgment Day"


Consider all these things very carefully. When you see that some of the signs I have told you about have appeared, you will know that the time has come when God Most High will bring judgment on the world he has created.

There will be earthquakes, national rebellions, international intrigues, unstable leaders, and confused rulers. When you see these things happening, you will know that they are what God Most High has spoken about since the beginning of creation...

(End quote)

Today we have “national rebellions” (revolutions), “international intrigues” (conspiracies), “unstable leaders” (autocrats being overthrown by western-backed mercenaries as is going on in Libya and Syria), and “confused rulers” (ignorant democratic leaders of nations who don’t know what is really going on in this world or even in their own countries).

Isn’t it uncanny for prophecy to be able to survive for so many years in spite of irresponsible tampering with the text by religious leaders throughout the ages? From what is left intact and unaltered I can certainly see its fulfillment coming to pass in our days.

Within the spectrum of all the awful things foretold to happen during the end times, let us console ourselves of the fact that a lot of "truth-telling" will happen within all of this world's turmoil, so much so that ancient texts have likened it to a day of "judgment" on the wicked - and conversely also a day where the lives of the righteous and many others will be spared.

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author avatar Buzz
13th Mar 2013 (#)

Interesting and intriguing third installment, dear Reni>

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author avatar Reni Sentana-Ries
13th Mar 2013 (#)

Yes, Buzz, hard to swallow for many, for they have been told that an "angel will appear and sound the trumpet....." without actually realizing that prophecies speak to us also in a language of symbols where the meaning of symbols need to be correctly identified before the message in a prophecy can be understood. And when in addition to the already symbolic language in a prophecy religious tamperers appear and doctor around with the texts just because they don't understand what they say, then we end up with nothing less than a confusing mix of garbled language serving as the foundation for many erroneous beliefs. Thank you for the read, Buzz.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
15th Mar 2013 (#)

My dear Reni . If I may be so bold , but I am of the ilk that alludes to believing that there will be the sound of the trumpet , I quote ...For the Lord Himself will come down from heaven , and with aloud command, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet call of God , whereby those who are dead in Christ will rise , and we who remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air . So we will be with the Lord forever .... therefore encourage each other with these words .1 Thess 4 verses 16 - 18.
I am very encouraged by those words , and I believe them wholly.
Bless you Reni

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