We Survived

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When consumed in passion we are blind to reality. We give into the fire burning deep inside and make mistakes. At times we aren't as strong as the love that is in front of us. We destroy rather than protect the one we care for when we lose ourselves.

We Survived

Was I cruel?
Was I lost?
Was I the broken one?
Who tried to break you?

Were the cuts on my skin to deep?
Did I not see you in front of me?
Did I fail to control my insanity?
Did I lash out and hurt you?

Was the fire in my soul consuming me?
Did I place the cuts on my body believing it was given by your hands?
Did I fail to hold you tight?
Did I break what we vowed to keep sacred?

Did you lose track of your love?
Did I not see your soul and consumed you like a broken core?
Was it me that put my tears before your own?
Was it me that failed to see your flesh?
That was bleeding in front of me
Broken bones and hurt days
Lonely nights and empty promises

Did I fail you, my love?
Was I too weak to love you?
Was I too cruel to hold you?
Was I too broken to cherish you?

I hope you find your direction
I am happy you are strong enough to walk forward
for I know my love is toxic
and full of torment

My passion is too intense
I tried to consume you whole
I wanted all of you and nothing more
I took you and in my lust forgot you were merely human

I drove you into the emerald fields
Took you down to the ruby trails
Closed your eyes and let it consume you
Lost in the maze of lust

I acknowledge that now
For then I was weak
I tried to break you down
I sought to make you all mine

But I lost you now
You are free, and so am I
For my chains on you was what weakened me
My love for you drove me insane

I wanted our lust and passion to survive in an empty world
Where laughter kept us whole
Where we suffered both in toll
Where three angels were formed

Who never had a chance to be whole
Who never could survive the toll
The chaos in this world

Pain consumed us both
Hurt drove us insane
we held on
But we were too broken to keep the chain strong

It was cracking slowly
Until it broke and the dark ocean consumed us both
The freezing water entered our lungs
Suffocated us from the pain

But we both found dry land
In opposite directions
We both stood up and walked forward past the pain
Closed our eyes to the passion
Closed our mind to the laughter
We survived!


Loss, Loss Of A Relationship, Love, Love And Soul, Self-Realization, Selfish, Tragedy

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