We always had a cat or two in our home

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A cat is different from other pets and adored by most in the family. over a period of time they became part of the family, though their offspring would have arrived.

We always had a cat or two in our home

We always had cat or cats in our home. Right from my childhood I remember their presence .They roamed around our house. If it is a female cat it will give one or two generations of kittens. After that as they are free to roam around the mother will be missing and we will take notice of that when there is a No-Show for almost a week. Either it would have found a new home, might have become a prey or met with an accident somewhere. But by that time the new generation of kittens would have taken its place as our beloved Cat in the home. As for male cat they also roam around the house at their will and once they attain maturity- we can tell that from the growl and the difference in the Meow sound-then they will disappear from the house. Mother used to say that it is their nature once they attain maturity and they will go back to the wilderness where they are comfortable.

Cats, they are a class apart among pets. When you think about any other pets you should also think about the expenses that associated with them. You have a dog in your home? The kennel will cost you. You need a decent tether to take it for a walk. You also ensure that it is chained to the hook or caged in the kennel so that it will not harm the legitimate visitors and relatives coming to your house. Same with birds, where you need a cage and for that matter any other pet has to be attended with great care. But not cats, they take care of themselves.

We named them in a certain order. As a hurricane/cyclone is named by a certain country after the other, we brothers and sisters took turns to name them as they arrive in our house. As for the meaning of that name, do not ask me. We named them in a spur of the moment and the name is stuck; it is as simple as that. Let us see, what explanation you will give for names like Bashnu, Nonjan, Chokki, Ammu? At times they make some sense, as they are named after the color of their fur, like Vellai (white), Karuppan (Black), Brownie (brown), but that were exceptions.

We had our livestock in our ancestral house, so they had their ration of milk. Though mother makes a big fuss about the amount of milk they need, she will give them their ration regularly. As a matter of fact, the cats pester her by walking around her right from the moment she starts walking back to home after mulching the cow or the buffalo, with meowing at regular intervals. The meowing will reach a crescendo by the time she pours the milk in their bowl. Then there will be silence except their lap-lap sound made by their tongues. Most of the days, my morning alarm will be their meowing.

They have a cardinal rule about their territory. If they are from the same group, grown together in our house, they will allow the other to roam around the house, backyard and the farm we had adjacent to our house. If not, then the intruder cat had it. Literally, there will be a cat fight and it will continue till the intruder is ousted from their ‘well-marked’ territory. Then it is my job to take care of those “war-wounds’ with the antiseptic till it is healed.

The cat instinct will come out at times, mainly when the kittens are about two month old. The mother cat will bring in a rat, a lizard or a frog half dead (most of the time it will be a rat) and teach the younger ones the basics of hunting like pouncing on the prey and holding with a claw. As mother doesn’t approve this inside the house, the ‘show’ will be in the courtyard of our home.

During winter they cuddle around mother’s leg and sometimes sneak under her blanket in the night to get some warmth. Though she makes some fuss about this she used to take care of them by placing an old blanket folded neatly and kept at the foot of her bed.

We were forced to sell the livestock as mother was getting old and one after the other the sons and daughters left for job and after marriage. Though the number became less, still we have one cat in our home. Despite pressure from us, asking her to come and live with us, mother is adamant that she will be in the ancestral home where she lived for half a century. And the most comfortable way to communicate with her is through the basic, land line phone, which we do on a daily basis. Definitely there may be a line of two about the cat in our conversation; about a fight with the cat of the neighbor or a no- show of the cat for two days. One day I received her call around eleven in the night. With a booming voice she told me that Chutti (the cat with a black spot in the forehead) brought in home two kittens, one white and the other gray. The legacy continues; yes, we always had a cat or two in our home.


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author avatar Joyce Singha
24th Sep 2014 (#)

Nice post. Enjoyed reading it. Glad to know your Mum still has a few cats for company.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
25th Sep 2014 (#)

Cats are great pets but they should always be spayed or neutered to prevent unwanted kittens.

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author avatar madathil mhanian
25th Sep 2014 (#)

thank you Mark Gordon Brown for your comment for this article and approval of my article titled "after retirement" regards madathil mhanian

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