We are not on the voters roll??

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Well, we are still at the voting station to vote at the South African elections 2014, but it seems the problems never end.

From the voting station opening late, to their scanner not working, to Mother forgetting her identity document, to our names not being on the voters roll.

We are not on the voters roll??

Continued from here.

Fortunately, one of the guys who's an IEC organizer is trying to accommodate us and trying to get us sorted. Good thing too because Father is about to blow his lid over the disorganization experienced here so far.

I don't understand how these people work. I had gone to the IEC office in Voortrekkerdorp the other day, to register to vote at this voting station. I had to show them my address and this voting station on one of their printed-out maps, and they registered me for this area and told me I'm all good to come vote here.

Then of course I come here on voting day and these people do not have me registered to vote here.

Not sure what their problem is with Father and Mother voting here - this is where they have been voting for the past many years and they never had a problem. Now today, suddenly it's a problem.

Father is getting quite upset with everything being so disorganized. The IEC guy talks to someone on the phone and then tells us that he'll fill in special forms for us and then we can vote here. It won't take all that long either, he says.

I get the idea to take Mother home with the car I've come with, and we can find her ID book and then bring her back quickly. At first Father and Mother didn't want to but now that there might be a little time whatwith forms and everything, Father agrees.

Mother and I leave quickly and head home. On the way Mother of course says she can't understand why Father gets so tense. I tell her she knows full well it's because he's a man of good organization, and when people can't organize Father gets mad. How can these people open a voting station without a working scanner anyway? Shouldn't all this have been tested and sorted yesterday already?

But anyway. It seems to me that poor IEC guy didn't know how he was being thrown under the bus when he signed up for this job.

At Tower Hills, Mother doesn't know where her identity book is. I recall seeing it in a side pocket of her handbag long ago. I tell her it's probably still there. It still is, and Mother is amazed that I know where it is when she didn't.

We drive back and find Father, Uncle Gus and Auntie René have all already voted and have just gotten into their car. Father tells us to hurry, and that our papers are all sorted inside, and tells us to run already, always organizing us around. :)

Well, I signed some paper inside with some black IEC woman sitting at a table, and then I could vote. I asked her what was wrong in the first place, and what went wrong with my registration in the first place. But, she doesn't seem co-herent or seems to be on any same wavelength as me.

"No, you must register", she says, and bursts out laughing.

I'm like WTF?? I just roll my eyes and fall into the voting process line with my ID book. I still don't know what was wrong with my registration or what I should have done differently, but it's obvious with this black staff of saucer eyed, blunt faced obviously ANC appointed cadres it's going to be too hard to ask sensible information from.

One of the staff tears out two papers out of two books. Then she folds the longer of the two into four and the other one into two if I recall correctly. One she says is for national and the other for provincial.

Then I stand at a folded cardboard table thingie with a screen, all one folded unit to make up a voting booth.

I unroll the ballots.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... let me see......... good heavens!!

Continued here.

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