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After thinking this vacation has been going rather well, and that my initial fears of this vacation being a test of enduring of negative emotions and wishing it was over wouldn't come to pass, I'm afraid lately it seems we are right back to what I had feared.

Petros is a jerk

I'm afraid it's in Petros' nature to be a sarcastic prick trying to belittle everyone else, and I don't think it will ever change.

And I'm afraid Mother is a completely different person here, in Petros' company. It's like I don't even know her from the person she is back home.

This morning, since it's Saturday, I'm not going to go on my 2 hour exercise session; I'll be resting over the weekend. So I wake up to a beautiful sunrise, and walk to the stoep.

Father has gone to take Elmarie in one of his flying vehicles to have a lavish breakfast somewhere. On the stoep, Mother and Petros are drinking their coffee.

I don't even know what she said, but it's again "You two both...", refering to Petros and I.

For one thing, Petros is WAY too fat to be wearing t-shirts, for it shows his every bump and a stomache that wants to compete with Mount Everest. So Mother has been saying this vacation, "You two both shouldn't be wearing t-shirts; you look really terrible in it!".

Well, yesterday when she said it, Petros immediately said to me that I shouldn't be wearing a t-shirt as I am.

"At least his t-shirts sit looser and better", she said to Petros, refering modestly to MY wearing t-shirts, which of course there is nothing wrong with.

But, later on of course, so as not to "upset" Petros, she changed it to that we both look horrible in t-shirts.

Mother has to protect her jerk of a son

What is wrong with that woman??? That's not my Mother! First of all, I basically lost most if not all signs of a fat stomache this vacation, eating my own diet of salad and going on 2 hours or more of exercise every morning, trying to get myself in shape for my movie I need to shoot back home. Secondly, she'd NEVER critisize my way of dressing, NEVER! Only now that Petros is here, this woman of course can't get it in her head that we're TWO individuals; she just shears everyone with the same comb, and to protect Petros she always pretends like we're all equally bad, when of course we're to all reasonable standards NOT.

So this morning, I come on the stoep. But instead of a friendly greeting from her, I get more of her "You two both..." critisisms. I start to lightly slap her knee where she's sitting in the chair, mocking her "Oh you and your always 'you two both' this, 'you two both' that!".

Then Petros, the fat bastard, makes some serious protests about my "hitting" "his" mother. I almost lost it right there. That idiot almost killed our father hitting him until the blood flowed, yet when I playfully slap Mommy's knee he has the conceitedness to give me a lecture about hitting parents!

I almost lost it right there, but didn't. I try to sit down for a while with them, but whatever; they're not people I know and the conversation is stupid.

Now when this vacation started, we had a discussion about who does what. Petros said he wants to make breakfast. They decided for me I must wash the dishes. Mother and Father will provide the food. Waldorf has to clear the dishes and empty the dustbins.

However, though I'm not unwilling to do my part, I think I got a raw deal because Elmarie and Stingley have people over and they have their children and the children have friends from Nackby, where a man and his wife and children are renting land from Father. They pop in every day or three and among them and their festivities they dirty dishes like nobody's business.

Now Father and Mother are always on my case about dirty dishes standing about, but for goodness' sake, I'm not going to be spending my vacation cleaning up after four families. I'll wash all of the dishes once or twice daily as time allows, and if people make dirty dishes inamong that time they can either rinse it themselves or it can wait for me.

I probably shouldn't let exessive dishwashing ruin my vacation, but it's becoming more and more of an irritation.

Anyway, laying the table is part of the job of the person who makes the breakfast, namely Petros. Yet, he barks orders at me to lay the table while he's making the food. What in blazes is his problem? I spent about an hour yesterday afternoon and another 40 minutes last night washing dishes, yet it seems I must do his job too.

Anyway, I do it, thinking it's not that big of a deal.

And when we finally sit down to breakfast, I compliment him on his "honey" oatmeal.

Things are going downhill again

I'm afraid after that, things go downhill again. Petros can't have a pleasant conversation with me. He is just too sarcastic and draining.

Every day, I use maybe an egg or some sausage and onions from what he makes, and then I add my own cucumber, carrot, lettuce and tomatoe from my own diet foods.

The plate usually ends up a very colorful, beautiful, healthy meal.

And yet, EVERY DAY Petros has critisisms of it. He probably hopes my diet would fail or that I would give up; that's all I can gather from his always being sarcastic and critisising my food.

He ALWAYS remarks on how he just can't see me getting thinner from eating such a huge plate of food. ALWAYS. EVERY DAY. Even though Father and I have pointed out to him that it's WHAT the food is that makes all the difference. It's all just fresh, raw vegetables consisting mostly of water.

Of course he just wants to shoot my ideas and efforts down and persists in his own efforts to talk me into failure.

And, today, while I'm trying to enjoy my breakfast, he keeps on giving all sorts of sarcastic "advice" on fitness, until he's a real bore. He's SOOOOOOOOOOOOO fat; why in blazes is he giving advice on fitness? Obiously his lame "advice" isn't followable in practice, otherwise he wouldn't be the fat blob he is.

All siblings are just one to Mother

Mother comes to sit down and joins in the conversation, of course always siding with Petros. Whenever Petros insults me, then Mother pretends oh it's just all a little joke. Or she pretends like there might be actual truth in it, just to justify Petros' idiotic saythings.

And I'm getting sick of her then justifications of "You two both need to watch what you eat / be careful of..." whatever. I'm really getting sick of this manipulated woman who isn't my mother, parading around in my mother's body. MY mother ordinarily always has words of encouragement and compliments for me, especially since I have obviously progressed a lot these past few days and am a LOT fitter and healthier; in fact I think I'm just about ready to go play in that movie. Whenever Petros isn't in the picture, Mother and I are the best of friends.

It's visibly clear that my face has changed a lot to that of a healthier person, and a pair of pants I brought from home that was very tight but I brought it because I knew I'd be getting skinnier soon, now fits me perfectly, even loosely today.

But this version of Mother has mostly been cruel and stern with me, complaining about small stuff.

Petros is ruining my vacation

I'm afraid I'll never completely have my mother on vacation with me as I know her, as long as Petros is also on the same vacation. I knew it before we came, and didn't want to come anymore but did, probably believing their promises of a happy vacation this time. I wish I knew how to change things so we can be happier, because really, all these small irriations are ruining it for me.

Well, I'm afraid I'm starting to feel anyway that I've had about enough of this vacation and its little irritations. I'm just about ready to go home. But alas, we're not even halfway through our planned staytime. Better just try and make it a pleasant vacation still.

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