We received a birthday card from our ex-maid. It was an unforgettable moment for my family

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My ex-maid from Indonesia made a surprise visit to my house. She left us after her work contract ended in Singapore. We were touched to receive a birthday card for my daughter from the maid. She wrote touching message in the card.

A Birthday Card from My Ex-Maid

My ex-maid SOLEKA sent a birthday card to my elder daughter last week. She wrote a simple sentence of words on the card. "Dear Sir and Madam. Callista's birthday is arriving. I am unable to buy her a gift. So I am sending her this little birthday card to wish her a very happy birthday and hope she remains obedient to you."

A Simple Birthday Card

The card may have a simple design, but it is full of feelings. It shows the sincerity of my ex-maid. Soleka has not forgotten Callista's birthday. It is a precious card that no money can buy.

Soleka started work for my family after Callista was borned. She contributed greatly to our family and did the housechores and played with our child. Our relationship with her gets closer day after day. We brought her along to every places that we visited.

Taking Care of Callista

One night, Callista was coughing badly and vomited on the bed. My wife and I were panicked and didn't know what to do. Soleka saw our condition and helped to change Callista's clothings and bed sheet immediately. Without delay, she patted her until she slept.

Outing with the Maid

We treated Soleka well. She came from a Malay village in West Java of Indonesia. Before Hari Raya arrived, we specially brought her to Geylang Serai a Malay village in Singapore to shop. Before her work contract ended, we treated her to a sumptuous meal at a well known Malay restaurant. We also bought new dresses for her daughter and a hi-if set for her family.

The maid has left

The day has finally arrived. She left our house in the early morning to the airport without bidding farewell to us and her dearest Callista. She said she does not want to wake Callista up and make us feel sad. Tears were falling from my eyes. We were reluctant to see her walking away.

A gift from the Maid

Soleka specially returned to work in Singapore recently. She visited us and bought a basket of fruits for us and a gift for Callista. My wife and I were touched with her gifts. Her income is limited but she spent on gifts for us. We were glad to hear from her that her new employer is treating her well.

The Unforgettable Moment

The most unforgettable moment was she politely greeted me and called me Sir. She said my family treated her well and she can never forget the two years that she worked for us.

Right Here for the Maid

I told her although we are not her employer now she is welcome to approach us anytime she needs help. We will be right here for her. She was touched to hear my words and tears were falling from her eyes.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
10th Dec 2012 (#)

There are simple souls still around to remind us what we need in life to be happy and contented. A touching recap - siva

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