We've Always Been Close

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Another poem for my best friend Adam that is going through a lot.

We've Always Been Close

We’ve always been close,
We’ve always been closely linked,
We’ve always seemed to have parallel lives,
When it comes to love,
When it comes to friends,
When it comes to things,
That is around us,
Maybe not always the same,
Maybe not always a duel copy,
But we both have gone through so much,
So much close to the same time,
Close to the same moments,
Closer than most could ever think,
I understand you more than most,
I know what lies within your heart,
I know what lies within your soul,
I see it all,
I see it more,
Because I am your best friend,
I am the one that has been by your side,
The one that has your back,
The one that is there through thick and thin,
And although we have had our downs,
As well as all the ups,
Because I care about you,
Because I love you,
Because I want the best for you,
We’ve always been close,
I have always been there,
Even through those dark times,
My mind was always on you,
I always cared about you,
Always wanted your happiness,
Always wanted you to feel,
Love beyond your dreams,
Beyond your imagination,
Beyond anything you could ever feel,
Beyond the stars,
The clouds,
And everything else,
So when I see you my dear friend,
Through this hard time,
See the pain that lies within your eyes,
The hidden tears that haven’t fallen,
The pain that is deep in your soul,
The wounds that lie within,
All I want to do is make it go away,
Make it all leave,
Make you not hurt,
But I know only time can do that,
Only as each moment passes can heal,
Only hope in that,
But remember this,
That there are always people,
Who love you,
Who care for you,
That want your complete happiness,
And even through there is rain,
Even though there are tears,
Even though there is hardship,
Even though there is this,
That we will get through this,
As we have gotten through many other things,
Because I will be here for you my dear,
As I have through every moment,
Every pain,
Every hardship,
Every happiness,
Every moment in between,


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author avatar Mandy Buffington
Mandy Buffington is a Masters in Business Management graduate. She has a chapbook published called Love, Unwrapped by Writing Knights.

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