Weaker but wiser

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A commentary of the current socio-economic condition in the US from the baby boomer perspective.

Weaker but Wiser

As a child I remember one of my elders, my grandfather I think, say where I could hear; “the generations to come will be a weaker but wiser lot..” in a somewhat prophetic manner. And I have mused about that statement several times as I have grown up and gotten older. I seem to have captured in my mind what my elder wanted to get across but now as I am getting closer to my 61st birthday I have another perspective on the concept. Its common conventional wisdom that as we humans age we become wiser to the ways of life, relationships, and in general most all things that we interact with in our existence.

And sometimes this knowledge brings fear and trepidation as well as a cynical bent into our thinking. We begin to understand that we have less time left than we have lived and thus the “time” to accomplish anything is greatly diminished or totally gone away. With the recent economic recession we realize that at this age (60’s) and older we will not have time to recover our financial losses and that makes us feel vulnerable to both seen and unseen misfortunes as it were. So then can it be said that we have become (financially) “weaker but wiser?”

And of course, as we get older we fully understand that we cannot stand against physical attacks as we did when we were younger and we realize that we as older adults have become tempting targets for those that would steal, rob, or otherwise cause harm. Again are we (physically) “weaker but wiser” in that we have come to know this truth as we read about such incidents in the media.

Then there are the two primary social entitlements that we as aging adults have paid in to and come to depend upon. Medicare and Social Security, and we see the younger certainly rather powerful politicians wielding the budget ax to drastically cut if not eliminate that benefit that we have come to depend on having; thus making us yet again “weaker but wiser” regarding our very existence?

So, my generation now it appears, like the ones before, has moved into the “weaker but wiser” category. I suppose old granddad was more correct than I ever dreamed and assuredly in more ways than one!


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author avatar Lila Bangsawan
16th Jul 2011 (#)

Sometimes what our parents' say was perfect in their era but not in ours. Different situation and condition makes the "say" inappropriate any more. Nice post and I got more info concerning it. Thank you.

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author avatar Denise O
16th Jul 2011 (#)

My husband will be 60 in a few weeks. Dan use to say his age loud and proud but, over the last few years, not so much. Economically, we have been hit so hard. Now Dan knows he must work more years before being able to retire. Well, unless we hit the lottery. Sadly, I have watched this bring him down a bit. It is hard times. I hear your frustration. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
16th Jul 2011 (#)

Great food for thought here. Thank you Winsome75.

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author avatar Fadaway
19th Jul 2011 (#)

What is this brick wall called age.....all of a sudden you do not count. The younger, prettier. more handsome, faster, more agile, age just jumps right over and leaves you standing in the dust you have gathered over the years.

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