Wearing A Mask

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April Poem A Day Challenge Day 15. Write a poem using the following words: Slash, button, mask, strap, and balloon.

Wearing A Mask

Many people in the world today are wearing a mask,
Some of them have straps holding tightly to that mask,
Some of them are more easily to remove if around the right person,
Why do we feel we must live that way?
Why do we feel we have to slash our way to the top?
Why do we feel that we have to hold up to some sort of standard?
Some sort of look of perfection that does not exist,
Some sort of image we should not worry about,
We all seem to want to wear the buttons to everyone,
Saying we should be cared about because we fit in,
And we are like everyone else,
What happened to standing out?
Why try for perfection?
Why try for an image,
Why try for some man made perfection,
That only lasts for so long,
Why not be comfortable in your own skin,
Why not be comfortable in your own looks
Why not be comfortable in what He thinks,
Instead of those that cannot truly compare,
Or truly make judgments of what you should be,
Many people in the world are wearing a mask,
Believing they have to hide who they are,
Believing that they can hide who they are,
But there is one,
Who can truly see us,
See who we are from the inside,
God can see everything,
And He loves us because we are made in His image,
So instead of trying to cover up who you are,
Instead of trying to wear a mask,
Or hold a balloon to our face,
Rest in the fact that God cares,
Rest in the fact that God adores,
As long as you keep His ways,
And you accept His Son as your savior,
You don’t need to worry about the short term thoughts,
Of what others around you think,
Instead worry about praising Him,
Honoring Him,
Worshiping Him,
And help let Him bring others to Him,
Let that be your beauty,
Because the beauty of this life is not forever,
And those masks cannot hide you from Him,
Work toward the standard of Him,
And worry not about the temporary looks of today,
Just rest in the love of His grace,
And throw away the mask,
Throw away the cares,
Throw away the sorrow,
And just follow Him.


Balloon, Beauty, Button, Comfortable, God, Honor, Image, Mask, Rest, Slash, Standard, Strap, Wearing, Worship

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Mandy Buffington is a Masters in Business Management graduate. She has a chapbook published called Love, Unwrapped by Writing Knights.

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