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Father leaves the package that had come in the post, on Marzeus's bed. Marzeus opens it. Very creative - it's a puzzle with nine pieces. Quickly Marzeus assembles it, and now he can read it. It's a wedding invitation to Henry's wedding! Henry is Marzeus's cousin. Very original invite.

Wedding videography

There has been talk for months now that Henry would like Marzeus to bring his video equipment and film a wedding video for Henry. So Marzeus is on the phone so they can discuss it. Marzeus gives Henry a quote for a video that's edited nicely into a program format, and another quote for just raw footage. Marzeus doesn't officially do weddings, but sometimes in the family he has been known to do it anyway, and it has proved that sometimes if raw footage is filmed neatly, it will do as is without any editing. Henry says he'll discuss the quotes with his wife-to-be and call back.

And so, in a few days, the call comes. Henry says the prices aren't a problem, but they've decided to cancel the video, but Marzeus can still attend if he wants to. Apparently they've had to cut down on many things to make the wedding affordable, and the video is one of the things. Not a problem at all, Marzeus assures Henry.

The wedding weekend approaches, and the Friday morning Marzeus and Mom, who will be playing the organ for the wedding, and Dad, who will be the master of ceremonies, are about to leave for the five hour drive to New-Castle.

At the last moment, Marzeus decides to grab his camera anyway. Perhaps he can film the wedding as a wedding present.

After about four hours of driving, they come to a road stall and decide to have a cup of tea there. But what's this? Marzeus can't walk! His left foot is in severe pain. Whatever can this be now?

It takes him forever to follow Father and Mother into the shop, but eventually the foot gets warmed up and he can move about slowly.

Eventually they arrive at their destination where they will be sleeping. It's a game farm. They see a lot of wild game there, and they are impressed with the sleeping huts. Very clean and neat.

In the afternoon they go for the rehearsal at the church. Marzeus announces to Henry's mother that he will be filming the wedding anyway. She's overjoyed.

Saturday comes and Marzeus films the wedding. Just before the wedding, Marzeus finds the groom waiting in front of the church. Henry is overjoyed when Marzeus tells him he's decided to film the wedding as a present for them.

The two photographers are less thrilled when they find they have to deal with a cameraman constantly filming in their shots; one of them pushes Marzeus during the exchange of the rings saying "You're in my way!" But without words they sorta kinda work it out.

The bride was quite surprized; the first she saw of Marzeus filming was when she had entered the church, and as far as she remembers her organization of everything, there was no videographer coming. She's happy anyway, thank goodness because she's very precise about her meticulous planning otherwise.

Marzeus didn't quite get the shots as well as he had wanted, because he always had to consider staying out of the way of the photographers as a courtesy to them. His style for example when the groom took off the bride's stockings to throw it at the guys, would be to go stand as close as possible and film the action close-up. But because the photographers wanted to take pictures too, he couldn't move in close enough.

But what's done is done. The video is as it is, and it's not bad. Hopefully Marzeus won't have to do it again soon, because he doesn't really find wedding videography one of his passions, despite the fact that people tells him his videos (including of weddings) are absolutely stunning and he's the best there is and he's quite in demand because of that reputation. All he wants to do is his own DVD projects, the main one which is Robot Time Travellers.

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