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Sometimes sleeping the day away is what you have to do in order to revitalize for the week ahead. The problem comes in when you wake up and realize just how big of a mess you have to clean up.

Weekend Off

Yes, I got a weekend off work but not for a reason I would have liked. I woke up sick on Saturday. I wasn't feeling well Friday night so I told the woman I have the long project with that I was calling it a night early. Saturday I woke up sick so I let her know. We agreed that I would take both days of the weekend off and start back to work on Monday. Saturday I checked my emails, surfed the Internet and then laid down in bed to sleep. I managed a few hours but woke back up. That night I managed to sleep all night long.

I felt sort of drunk all day, I chalked it up to the fact that I had been working late hours during the week and all night most weekends when need be. I didn't make it far from the bed most of the day. The thought of sitting up was one I dreaded that day so I avoided it as much as I could even though I had trouble resisting the urge to pull my computer out from time to time.

I tried not to ask what was going on in the house as I was sick in the bed. It would not have done but the reality was staring me in the face when I woke up.

Reality Comes In

Sunday I was feeling a little better, so I got up and did a little bit around the house. I cut some grass, got a bit hot and went to lay down when I came back in the house. That night I watched "Once Upon A Time" and rested as I played on my computer. The fact that time went ahead an hour the night before had me a bit off.

Monday- The morning was something of a dreaded walking nightmare. The kitchen counter was stacked high with dishes, I was not happy. I tried to get the stack down to a manageable amount all the while mumbling because I have yet to enter the world of the automatic dishwasher. I needed to do laundry too. I didn't make it that far over the weekend.

Somethings Hit the Backburner

There were somethings like the data for therapy that hit the back burner and stayed there. The data covers a range of things that we have covered before but not to get age levels. The ABA therapists changed the curriculum to one that was detailed enough to show age ranges for tasks instead of just a large grid that was filled in! It is a good change but in the meantime we're having to do additional stuff at home to check mastery levels. Last weekend, and the first few days of this week I had a lot of blank space. This week I'm blocking off time for data collection in my appointment book.

There has to be one hour blocked out of the day to get requests that do not include "I want" not that she can't say it, I think it's the action we are looking for but I am already not sure. That means, we are going to take as much data as we can get and S will go over it with us. She is someone that entered our world unexpectedly and we wouldn't trade for the world. Sadly in six months to a year she may have to move meaning that we will no longer have her.

We have a lot of work to do in a short time meaning that I am busy printing out organizers and such to make sure that we get everything in during this short time.

Preparations for the New School Year

Yes, I am aware that this school year has yet to end. We are already preparing for the 2012-2013 school year. The IEP meeting is coming up soon and we need to be fully prepared to ensure that there are no changes needed after it is written. That simply wastes my time and takes away from Therapy. I got the questions for it yesterday.

The preschool class teacher has the goals from the school therapist and when I get the questions filled out she will merge what I wrote in with them. That is the final step before we get the appointment for the signing of the IEP set up. I think I'll be taking the therapist with me this year to make sure I understand all the points included in the IEP.

Well, there are more printouts to do so I'll be going. I may or may not have to work today so I should take advantage of the time that I have now.


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author avatar Melissa Dawn
15th Mar 2012 (#)

Sounds like you have been burning the candle at both ends Laurie :-) Maybe you needed the rest.

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