Weird Fact: Part Four: You Mouth can desolve metal

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Power of Spit!

All bow down to the power of Spit!... ok...this sounds five kinds of nasty and even pirat...I mean lawyer Steve finds this odd so lets just call this the power of the human body.
The human mouth is quite a powerful thing and when you eat something your mouth produces saliva that helps break apart food so that by the time you swallow the food (if chewed properly), will be breaking down so that the stomach has little trouble digesting the food. This is why we get heart burn if we do not chew properly because the food is not properly resolving by the time it reaches the stomach.

Yeay I can desolve metal!

Well technically yes you can desolve metal with your mouth although pirate...I mean lawyer Steve recomends you dont attempt to do so. But just for fun I will explain how and why.

How and Why

Have you ever put a spoon in your mouth and noticed that after a few minuets the spoon starts to taste sweet? Well if not then grab a spoon (preferably clean) and wack it in your gob. You will notice that soon it will taste sweet. That is because your saliva has adjusted to the metal and is starting to desolve it. Now in theory if you left a spoon in your mouth without removing it for a year then it will probably desolve but since doing so serve no purpose whatsoever then no has accomplished this most random and useless of tasks.
Now my pirate...I mean my lawyer strongly advices NOT to try this yourself because you could slip and cause severe injury to yourself. But now you know something random and useless you never knew before.

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