Weird Fact: Part Three: Snails Are Deadly!!!

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Scales of Poisens

Ok on a scale of poisons the creatures on land cannot even come close to matching the poisonous powers of creatures from the sea. For example I was on safari once and the tour guide showed us a black mamba and said with pride. "The black mamba is the most poisonous snake in the world" but in actually the most poisonous snake on the planet is the sea-snake which has enough poison to kill 1000 men. But luckily for us the sea snake is quite placid and is not that aggressive. But many a sailor has accidentally caught a sea snake in their nets and been bitten by a scared sea snake.
Much in the same way land snails are not dangerous at all but hunter water snails are far more dangerous than anything on land. One sting from an underwater snail and you will be dead before the poison reaches your heart.

How and Why

The main reason sea snails are so deadly is because they cannot move very fast and so if they sting their target the victim will swim away and die and then be eaten by another fish. So the only way a hunting snail can ensure the victim does not swim away and die is to make the poison so deadly that it kills the target almost instantly. This way the snail can ensure victim is dead before it can get away.
Over millions of years of evolution the snail's toxin got stronger and stronger until now if a snail jabs its target it is dead within a second. A good example of these deadly snails is a Marbled Cone Snail which has been known to kill deep sea divers. Pirate...I mean lawyer Steve had a similar incident once but luckily made it land in time and was able to survive due to there being now anti-venom.
So remember kids if you happen to be deep sea diving for treasure and see a Marbled Cone Snail, LEAVE IT ALONE!.

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