Welcome to the Hellmouth, Again: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

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Buffy makes a wish that has disastrous consequences. She wishes that she never changed out of being a Vampire from Billy Palmer's dream.


Will take place during Season 7's 'Empty Places.' Buffy makes a wish that has disastrous consequences. She wishes that she never changed out of being a Vampire from Billy Palmer's dream. That it will become real and forever with no spell to end it so that way she can't feel anything for anyone because they kicked her out and didn't want her, the real HER.

Well, it comes true and she is sucked into time to Season 1 and after they save Billy (AGAIN), Buffy remains a creature of the night. With a soul, she shuns out the Scoobies by talking to the Master eventually becoming his favorite childe and receiving special treatments more than the Scoobies ever gave her. She enjoys being a Vampire very well and is quite good at it, choosing to be evil rather than the soul forcing her.

She has no curse to stop her unlike Angel.

The Master is left unstaked and takes over Sunny Dale along with Buffy who finds herself interested in Spike. He is to come and help them deal with the new Slayer.

Chapter 1

She is a ruthless demon now, standing in the throne room next to the Master, watching Spike.
"So tell me, why have you come to my humble abroad...?"
"Well, I heard that there was a Hellmouth here and that the infamous Nest and his clan are ruling it," he kept looking at Buffy. He went to beat up some Demons for information and captured Halfrek, forcing her to grant his wish to be sent back in time to help his already broken love.
Broken by them, by their sorry asses not wanting her kicking her out of her home not appreciating what she's done for them. She was already dead long before any of this.
She enjoys being a Vampire very well and is quite good at it, choosing to be evil rather than the soul forcing her.
She has no curse to stop her unlike Angel.
The Master is left unstaked and takes over Sunny Dale along with Buffy who finds herself interested in Spike. He is to come and help them deal with the new Slayer. 'This is my Spike,' she thought distractedly staring at him with intensity that could smolder a melted rock.
He walked up closer and lifted to touch her face. "So you do recognize me," he whispered.
She traced his features with her Green orbs as the Master frowned. "Master, he's right. He can kill the Slayer for us..."
"Do you know my boy, William...?"
She laughed. "Met a few times..."
He tucked a few strands of hair behind her ears. "Her mum tried to take my head off at parents/teacher's night."
"It was quite the show," she agreed.
"Interesting," said Nest. "Maybe with the 2 of you involved, we can have the Hellmouth controlled."
"Just let me off Faith Lahane and you got yourself a deal..."
'The bird dies,' he thought growling. Buffy's grin widened. Their faces turned demonic.

Chapter 2

They were shacked in the dark corners of the room, the 2 quivering humans that the minion had brought in. "You two will be punished for your insolence!"
"Leave," someone ordered dressed in a leather clad. "B- Buffy," stated a sickened Willow.
"So young and innocent," she touched her cheek. "Turning into a haughty powerful witch."
Spike went back into his car and took care of Drusilla so she wouldn't mess up their plans. Took a screeching scratching Dru, drug her out, and threw her into the Sunlight. Or at least with a flick of his lighter, she went out in smoke and hissing, spitting like a cat.
"Sorry princess," he said smiling. She snarled and crumbled.
Went stalking back in only to see his love smacking the life out of the amateur witch. "Save some for me..." He took out his smoke and shoved it in his mouth.
"I'm getting cranky, Willow...!"
"Blast it Darla, you are no longer my favorite! Now go find Angelus and stop wasting my time!"
She sniffled and glared at the guests. "What are you all looking at," she hollered.
She dug her nails into Willow's hair and drug some of it out, strand- by strand, winking at Spike and getting him hard in the balls, playing with his buckle and leering naughtily causing the high schoolers to blush. Willow was hurt and upset. She kept her soul and yet, she was hurting them. Buffy brightened, "But hey we're best friends right...? You did pull me out of Heaven with your 'powerful' witchcraft. I can see it in your evil little heart...! Such twisted desires, wicked magic, and gleaming darkness. What do we do with this one Spike, she could be around a few more generations trying to work up spells for us..."
The red head trembled and turned away to the wall. Xander also was ashamed. Spike held a wicked pocket knife turning and cojottling. It's like a light gear had switched on in his head.

Chapter 3

"God, I never asked for a 'favor'...," she pouted and silently raged. She hated that William and his whore! She was going to get Angelus out and together, they'll take out this clan and start one of their own with...! "Darla," someone snapped her from her vicious daydream.
"Don't bother me, you idiot!" "The Master requests your presence!" She had no choice but to follow him. The minion looked down nervously. "Do you know why he requested me...?"
"I'm sorry mistress, but I'm not supposed to tell..." She snarled and let herself in. "Yesss...?"
"Come sit down," he looked at her regretfully.
"You have disappointed me... I thought I created a companion to walk eternity with me, but I was fooled." He played with a wooden chest. "Inside this, is a stake... I'm afraid, we will have to part ways..."
Her eyes enlarged as she backed into the wall. "Pl- please Master!" Then, stared in shock as she disintegrated.
He stared at the ash. "Unfortunately, you're mistaken."
Minion: Master, what do you want us to do...?
"Take it and bury it!" He left and picked up the dust and stored it in an urn before heading for the garden.
Darla always loved her favorite flowers so that's where they will place her.
"A funny thing happened to me..., I got clarity. I realized what kind of friends I had and what kind of friends I have now. No soul curse to stop all of this power, this wondrous new life…er should I say 'unlife...!?!"
"I'm not special like Angel. I don't care for a soul. I won't go around seeking redemption. And I'm not a slave pulled on a string. By you guys, by Quentin Travers, or by anyone! Expect to scream, cry, bleed but rejoice in the fact that your Slayer is wiped out by your own doing! It's all your fucking FAULT!" She raised the dagger and slashed a line through her neck. The blood caused the demon to get loose.
Spike smirked. He was getting a hard on and felt it at the bottom.
"Baby wants to play..."
"Oh yeah," she moaned leaning in that sexual sensual way, giving a few vintage point of her Adam's apple. He leaned over her, teasing it rubbing smoothly in a pattern. She drew out an intake of breath.
"Show me luv...!" She took the top off.
"Scream for me," the Master tilted the head of crying girl. Harmony Kendall prayed that this night would end, the night of horror and pain and bloodshed. Darla stood by him to watch Cordelia. She sighed dramatically.
"These 2 are hardly worth feeding from, what have you brought me Darla," he looked up his Red eyes glowing.
"Master, they were the best thing that was offered and you know I hunt better at night when the Sun isn't up..."
He growled, "Disobedience! I cannot tolerate this anymore!" He walked up and grabbed her. "All of this time you waste to bring me 2 brats...!?!"
She mumbled, "And Buffy could do better...!?!"
"Why yes," he smiled. "Mike, do get the Slayer and her companion for me..."
"Master, you shouldn't be too hard on Darla," said Penn. Elizabeth hissed,
"Calm down! We're in front of Nest and if you overrule him, you die!"

Chapter 4

Angel felt the deep pain and hopped up out of bed, stumbling to get out of the room, crashing to the ground. Angelus howled in ferocious rage. Darla was taken from him! He ground his fangs together, knowing that fate's about to intervene with his destiny. Over and over--the mind blowing pain--until it stopped. Everything stopped. He bent over and faced the sky smiling, wickedly. "I'm back baby...!"

"Time to pay that bastard a visit and my errant childe! Oh, not to mention dear ole' Buff! How I'll enjoy toying with her! No one kills my fuckin' sire...!"
He snarled and walked into the darkness finding a snack out of a girl, one of Cordelia's egotistic friends who had even cried and begged before he twisted her neck. There was some blood smears that he didn't even bother to wipe away.
Angelus was in a good mood, whistling.
"Oh Slayer, Slayer, where art thou...?"

Chapter 5

Angel kept calling out for the Slayer as Buffy, along with Spike, kept out of sight. She didn’t want to see him right now. She had things to do. Like kill the whole Scooby gang for their betrayal. Their hate. She couldn’t believe her ‘friends’ could turn on her. Now that she had no soul, all she had was hate…hate for the friends she once had as slayer. Now it was time for revenge. And she Spike to help.
“Say, luv, what do you say we make out right here.” Spike said, kissing Buffy.
As Buffy got into the kiss, which turned her on immensely, Spike was feeling her up and turning her on to the point she couldn’t stop.
“Take me!” Buffy hissed. “Take me now, Spike!”
Spike grabbed Buffy’s ass and licked her lips hard. As they were kissing so immensely they didn’t realize that Angel had found them in the closet.
“Buffy?!” Angel said, a look of shock coming to his face.
The passion drained from Buffy and Spike as Buffy ran out of the building, with Spike and Angel following closely behind her.
“Luv, come back!” Spike yelled out.
“Leave her alone, Spike!” Angel said as he grabbed Spike from behind and tossed him to the ground, and continued his pursuit of Buffy.
But Buffy outsmarted him and managed to hide before Angel could find her. The Master, watching from the Hellmouth, enjoyed the show…Buffy, Angel and Spike. It was the reason he made Buffy think she was vampire. He wanted to toy with the three of them, as well as the Scoobies.

Chapter 6

Angel was in hot pursuit of Buffy with Spike right behind him, as soon as he came to from Angel’s fist hitting him in the eye—he was going to have one helluva shiner! Buffy, on the other hand, was hiding. Hiding from Angel, and Spike. Angel couldn’t find her. Not yet. Not until she got revenge on the Scoobies for their betrayal.
Buffy hid in a garbage can until Angel finally left the scene. As Buffy climbed out of the garbage can, Spike spotted her.
“Hey, luv.” Spike said erotically. “I love how you smell!”
“Spike, I’m gross! I just spent 30 minutes in a trash can.” Buffy said, fending off Spike’s advances. She had no time for making out right now. Her mission was to get revenge on the Scoobies.
Spike tried to kiss Buffy on the neck just how he knew she liked, but Buffy pushed him off her.
“Whoa, babe?” I knew you had strength being a Slayer, but. . .” Spike said to her.
“So, I guess being a Slayer and now vampire. . .maybe I have double the strength?” Buffy wondered, not realizing she was never a vampire.
“C’mere, luv!” Spike said amorously.
“Not now, Spike.” Buffy said, as she rushed off to Giles’ store. She had business with the Scoobies.
At Giles’ store, Buffy found the gang—Xander, Willow, Cordelia, Anya, Tara, and even Dawn—there. The Scooby gang was surprised to see Buffy there.
“Hey, everybody!” Buffy said cheerfully, not wanting them to know of her real plan.
“Buffy?” Willow exclaimed, not sure of her intentions after being held in the Master’s dungeon.
“Just wanted to see my ‘friends.’” Buffy told them.
“Well, we’re doing good.” Xander told her. “We couldn’t wait to see you, Bufs.”
“Well, I’m so glad you missed me so much!” Buffy said sarcastically.
“What are you talking about?” Willow said, confused.
“I hate you all, and I never want to see any of you again!” Buffy raged at them, before turning to leave Giles’ store.
The Scooby gang all looked at each other before the store suddenly blew up.

Chapter 7

Buffy was so angry at the Scoobies that she didn’t even look behind her when she heard the explosion. She wanted far away from them as possible. But she ran into Spike instead.
“Buffy, where you going?”
“Away from this place. . .forever!” Buffy spat out at him, before running away.
Spike ran after her. He couldn’t let her leave Sunnydale. Her family and friends were here. Angel was here. He was here. He loved . . . that’s right . . . he loved her and wanted her.
After finally catching up with Buffy. . .man she was fast. . .no wonder she was chosen to be the Slayer.
“Go away, Spike!” Buffy raged at him.
“Not until you hear me out.” Spike insisted.
“Fine!” Buffy said exasperated. “Spin it!”
Spike couldn’t say the words, “I love you” to Buffy. So instead, he just took her in his arms and planted a steamy kiss on her lips.
After the kiss, Buffy glared at him and slapped him.
“What was that for?!” Spike questioned, as he held his jaw where Buffy’s hand slapped him.
“I said, go away!”
Buffy ran. Ran far from Spike and the Scoobies. she wanted as far from Sunnydale as possible.
Then, she fell into a pit.

Chapter 8

While Spike continued to look for Buffy, the Scoobies and Angel were busy with Billy, who was alive and well, thanks to the Master. They wished for Buffy to come and help them, but unbeknownst to them, she was stuck in the Master’s realm.
Buffy found herself in the Master’s den, wishing like hell that she never left Sunnydale, Spike, Angel, and the Scoobies. she wished with all her heart to be back. But the Master had her now—and he was not going to let her go now.
“Hey, Slayer, come to your Master, now!”
Buffy did as she was told and let the Master have his way with her—grimacing as he did so.
She prayed to whoever to let her out of this hell!
But it seemed as if her prayers weren’t going to be answered….
Back in Sunnydale, Billy Palmer reigned over the Scoobies, Giles, Angel and Spike. He was the new Master—thanks to his deal with the Master.
Billy shocked everyone and took Drusilla as his new bride—as he married the vamp with all of Sunnydale watching the evil nuptials.
It was the first in Billy’s plot to have the Slayer all for himself…

Chapter 9

Sunnydale wasn’t the same since Billy took over. And if that wasn’t the worse thing, he appointed Faith Lehane as the new Chosen One.
When Giles learned of this, he decided it was time to look for Buffy and restore her back as the Chosen One and bring Sunnydale back to its former glory.
But with Billy Palmer now the Master in Sunnydale, and Faith the new Slayer, the minions had free reign to run amuck in Sunnydale.
Now that she was the new Slayer, Faith set her sights on Angel, but he decided he didn’t want anything to do with her. Buffy was the one he wanted.
Having been spurned by Angel, Faith turned her attention to Spike, who wanted Buffy but with her missing, and Dru now Billy’s bride, Faith had a breeze using her wiles to sway him into a romance.
But to Sunnydale citizens…where Buffy was, was still on their minds….
Buffy was in the Master’s lair enduring his will, wishing she hadn’t wished to be a vampire. She longed for her family, friends, and Giles. Little did Buffy know, but Giles was searching for her to bring her back to Sunnydale.
But now that Billy was Master in Sunnydale, and Faith the new Slayer…there wasn’t much done in the way of vanquishing the demons. It was as if the demons were allowed to roam as they wished—for no one was around to destroy them!
Sunnydale was in the Hellmouth, again!

Chapter 10

Despite all the trouble in Sunnydale, it didn’t stop Giles from searching for Buffy. Buffy was what Sunnydale needed to rid it of the demons that roamed there. But where was Buffy?
As Giles pondered the thought in the Sunnydale Cemetery, Spike happened, when he finally got a free moment from a frisky Faith, who seemed to have romance on her mind than vanquishing demons.
“Giles.” Spike spoke up.
“Spike. I thought you were busy with Faith?”
“Yeah. That’s an understatement!”
“What do you mean?”
“She’s a love machine!” Spike protested. “She’s the energizer bunny on speed!”
“Too much sex?” Giles laughed.
“Don’t get me wrong, I love a little sex every now and then. But she’s wants it all day long.”
“Oh, poor Spikey!” Giles lamented.
“It took forever just to get her to go to sleep so I could sneak away for awhile.”
“Well, I’m searching for Buffy. To bring her back and return Sunnydale back to its former glory.”
“No luck?”
“it’s like she vanished from the earth?” Giles said.
“Or the Master has her and wants us to believe she’s vanished?” Spike mused.
“You know, Spike, you may be onto something?”
“Buffy’s with the Master?”
“So how do we get her back?”
“I think I have an idea.” Giles said as he left Spike to fend off an amorous Faith who realized he was missing and came looking for him.


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