Well then Nature seeks

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Well then Nature seeks I have observed most of us just want to blame But we must also share it Se how

well then Nature seeks

Well then Nature seeks

Just go back a couple of years ...say what was the population during the...
Time of Buddha & Christ and thereafter
Twenty apple trees could perhaps feed the lot......
Today we have 100 guys/gals/folks
visiting the wash rooms per hour,
so compare their human waste
why try only in haste
but try and population make chaste

procreate less if you will
enjoy sex which you must
but then educate yourself too
pollution will as of now continue

travel at speed
oil you use must combust,
don't yourself frustrate
cancer of prostate also face
all such things are cyclic
nature knows how to recycle

you exhale carbon dioxide
the trees inhale it don't they?
who planned such pollution
but the natural god
can you not follow a similar way
reduce population
and pollution will find itself
a natural way

There is enough oil with the earth,
it’s not for oiling the earth’s plates as such

Do apply your mind all of ye
from applause, applaud may be

But keep in mind the future of mankind
nature itself will solutions find
Perhaps you don't yet have that in mind
coz you are also one of current mankind

Akin to mine Is it fair
Please see thanks
let me know as it will amount to impersonation and confusion in my fans minds .
The name appears in UTAY JAY'S pages
I just saw it


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Thanks friends for reading me,
its natural VIRGINOUS poetry
that comes my way

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
26th Feb 2015 (#)

To take a sustainable path has not been easy for mankind. We tend to go wherever it takes, without a thought for those yet to come. Everything in moderation is nature's way to maintain the balance of creation. We complain of not having the time, but time for what is the question. We fear our own more than anything else; others mind their own business unlike us! siva

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author avatar LOVERME
27th Feb 2015 (#)

very true mi Lord

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author avatar LOVERME
1st Mar 2015 (#)

she sprawled the pages ...
but still over 100 read it ...
thanks folks but sad she leaves no place for comments...
now the page is clean do gleam

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author avatar LOVERME
2nd Mar 2015 (#)

hello there any reactions ??at all

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author avatar Utah Jay
3rd Mar 2015 (#)

The problem with letting nature take over, is letting it.

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author avatar LOVERME
3rd Mar 2015 (#)

okay let it be then so be it

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author avatar LOVERME
3rd Mar 2015 (#)

Never unpublish poetry

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author avatar LOVERME
3rd Mar 2015 (#)

the beauty thou showerest
upon hawks eyes
makes one feel like devouring

those hawks
with those eyes

we all love you
like the naked beautiful boy
we all do
do you know who?

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author avatar Kingwell
12th Mar 2015 (#)

We think that we know better but nature only smiles at us. Blessings.

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author avatar LOVERME
13th Mar 2015 (#)

nice to see u again

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