Westland provides new inspiration while my skatershoes are improving

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Sometimes new surroundings can give you new perspectives, new ideas, as well as renewed inspiration.

Of course everything also feels better if your feet feels good, so it's a pity my skatershoes that I came with are hurting my feet.

Westland provides so much new inspiration

I go walking every morning.

I didn't think so at first, but around Canyon Manoir are just as many beautiful places for walking as there was at Nackby. It's not the same, but it's other different beautiful places.

The inspirations for my Timebotics film serires simply come pouring in. I thought I was just about done with that series or taking it easy. Yet now, it seems it's calling again. I can't stop the ideas. They simply flow into my head around here.

It isn't long before I have made a lot of notes back in my chambers in Canyon Manoir. Many new scenes and storylines appear on the pages asif they have always belonged there.

I must say, I love the new inspirations that simply spill over me. Nature really has a way of loosening your creativity and unlocking what was hidden away in your brain.

Horrible skatershoes improve slowly

Well before we came to Westland, I thought to buy myself shoes for walking, since I don't have proper walking shoes anymore.

But all I could afford was some skater shoes from a Chinese boutique.

They look really nice and were nice at first.

But after the first day, I felt they were chafing all around the edges of my heels. It made it burn.

So, first time we go into town in Westland, I buy insoles for tekkies. They improve the shoes quite some.

After asking Father to buy me another pair of insoles that I put on top of the first pair, the shoes are as good as I'll get them during this vacation.

They walk a lot better now. Still not the most comfortable walking shoes, but they serve me as well as I could hope for on my shoe budget.

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