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In politics, there is always the ping-pong back-and-forth of "what he said" and "what the other he said he said." Even when listening directly, it is difficult to make sense out of the verbal bantering.

Who The "He" is Makes All The Difference

He said what
The other he said
Was a pile of rotting swill.

He said what
The other he said
Did a poor job of
A total lack of will.
He said that what
He said
Was never to be believed
But to be worthy only
Of suspicion
For of lies
It had been weaved.

If One Is Right, The Other Must Be Wrong ?!

The he on the
Receiving end
Is always
The other he,

And if you are quite sure
That that he
Is not you,
By default
It must be me.
If I am the he
At whom you are pointing,
The next he
Will challenge
The other he doing
The anointing.

Here Comes The Mud!

He said
The other he is dead

Or has
At the least
Climbed into bed
With one whose honor
Has been shed
After having been fed
Something other than
The bread of life.
He depends on
Eternal strife,
Cheats on his wife
And lives a flimsy excuse
For a worthwhile life.
What he said as he passed
Was that anyone
Who dares to
Needs be

Something Smells Foul!

One who leads
And one who is led
Face the faces of
With the resounding
Dystonic toxicity
He said this while
The other says
He said that.

It is overdue timing
For the sham
To be shed
And replaced with
Thoughtful consideration

Ping-Pong On An Uneven Table

Reason is not always
The theme song
Of the carnage-filled
Non-game and
Dystonic attempt at song
Created by the deafening
But predictably rhythmic
Cacophony of
Ping Pong.


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
22nd Aug 2012 (#)

How true, how true. Very clever.

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author avatar Buzz
23rd Aug 2012 (#)

Great tit-for-tat poetry.:)

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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
23rd Aug 2012 (#)

When the facts change, according to you, just change your mind. Stay on the 'right' side.

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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
23rd Aug 2012 (#)

Certainly, very clever, David. Thank you, I remain enlightened but confused

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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
23rd Aug 2012 (#)

Perhaps some confusion is a necessary component of enlightenment :-}

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author avatar Carol
23rd Aug 2012 (#)

Great poem, so true and very amusing. Thank you

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