What Is A Benefit ?

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This is my understanding of Psalm 103 - and of all the Benefits that I see in these wonderful words .

What Is A Benefit ?

The first line of Psalm 103 reads ...

Bless the Lord , O my soul , and forget not ALL
His benefits.

A benefit is something of gain that is often neither earned , nor at times , deserved.

It is something given , that the Giver has proffered with no recount or interest to pay .That is a great benefit to the one receiving such kindness , as it means the benefit has either been given as a gift , or a reward .

A benefit is also something by which the receiver is blessed over and above the normal needs . It amounts to more than enough - Better than best - Blessing on blessing - Abundance - plenty - Overflowing - Sufficient - Lavish - and so much more.

Now , let us look at Psalm 103 from which my text comes , and see the abundant blessings the Lord has bestowed on us , if we believe and receive them .

# 1) He Forgives All Our Sins

Psalm 103 verse 3

He ( the Lord Jesus ) wipes the slate completely clean , when we repent of our sins and ask for His forgiveness ( 1 john 1:9 )

Our sins are then, not just deleted and consigned to the trash bin , so that they can be pulled out again and recalled - No, they are put through the 'Shredder ' of God's mercy and grace , to be remembered no more .

What a Blessing !! What a Benefit !!

# 2 ) He Heals All Our Diseases .

Psalm 103 verse 3b

There is no part of ALL that doesn't mean ...ALL .

When we are sick , we can pray , believing , and with the prayer of faith , we can stand on God's Word and believe for healing .

I used to smoke heavily , and my lungs were collapsing ,so much so the doctor at the time gave me less than six months to live if I didn't stop smoking . ... but , I received prayer , and the Lord completely healed my lungs , and I have had healthy lungs ever since . Praise His Name .

Isaiah 53 v 5 tells us that ...By His stripes ( the lashes Jesus received at Calvary ) we are healed .

Jesus was wounded for our transgressions - our sins - and He took upon Himself our punishment - so that we could be healed .

What a Blessing !! What a Benefit !!

# 3 ) He Redeems Our Life From The Pit

Psalm 103 verse 4

Heaven here I come !

Thanks to the price that Jesus paid for our salvation at the Cross , we do not have to fear death and the grave anymore . .....What a Saviour !

Jesus broke the curse of Sin and Death and opened the way to the Father in Heaven by His own sacrifice . He took the punishment that we deserved , and nailed it to the cross . That is how much He loves us .

Hell is not my destiny now ...and the fear of death has been broken for me , because the Lord has Redeemed me .

What a Blessing !! What a Benefit !!

# 4 ) He Crowns Me With Love And Compassion .

Psalm 103 verse 4b

When we think of crowns we tend to think of royalty as the only ones who wear them . Even in a beauty contest the winner is called a Beauty Queen , but in this Psalm we are told that God Crowns our heads with Loving Kindness ...and Compassion .

Jesus is the King of kings ( Rev 19 : 16 ) and in Romans 8 verse 17 He tells us , that if we have accepted Him as our Saviour , then we are joint heirs with Him ....so it is in this position that we receive the crown which He lovingly places on our heads .

By this act of kindness , God is saying to us , that He has taken away the guilt and shame of our sinful past , and has placed the crown of Acceptance on our heads.

What a Blessing !! What a Benefit !!

# 5 ) He Satisfies Us With Good Things , And Our Youth Is Renewed As The Eagle.

Psalm 103 verse 5

Now , that's a Mouthful !

God gives us the very Best with this promise .

The Best of all that is - Good - and Health Giving - and Life Giving ... no matter what our age .

We are told in Psalm 18 :29 that with His help , we can leap over a wall ! and in Isaiah 40 :31 it tells us , that those who wait upon the Lord - will ...Renew their strength , and soar up on wings like eagles , and run and not grow weary , and will walk and not faint .

Eagles fly high into the eye of the sun , above the circumstances of life around them , surveyors of all around them for miles . Gloriously free - slave to none .

What a Blessing !! What a Benefit !!

# 6 ) The Lord Is Slow To Anger , Abounding In Love .

Psalm 103 verse 8

God is very patient with us , and as it says in 2 Peter 3:9 He is patient with you , not wanting anyone to perish , but that everyone comes to repentance . ..

God doesn't ' fly off the handle ' or ' Lose His rag ' as the sayings go . No , He is long suffering with us , because He knows we are but dust ( v 14 ) and He waits for us to repent and come to our senses , so that He can forgive and restore us once more .

What a Blessing !! What a Benefit !!

# 7 ) As Far As The East Is From The West ........

Psalm 103 verse 12 .. continues ....so far has He removed our sins from us .

WOW !! That's a L-o-o-o-o-o-n-n-n-n-n-g-g-g-g-g way !!!!

Not just from here to --------------------------------------------------------------------to there.

No ... From Eternity Past to ------------------------------------ Eternity Future

That is how far He has cast our sins from us , who have repented of them , and then have put our trust in Him .

What a Blessing !! What a Benefit !!

# 8 ) The Lord's Love Is With Those Who Fear Him ...

Psalm 103 verse 17 ......From everlasting to everlasting ..

Thank You Lord .!

Proverb 1 : 7a says .. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom ....

Fear in this text means ... to hold in Reverent Awe .... not to cower in terror or be afraid ( unless we have good cause to be ..eg If we have done some wicked deed which we are not sorry for , or we refuse to repent .. and receive forgiveness ) ... but in this context , it means to Esteem highly .

God alone is worthy of such High Esteem and Awe ... that is Wisdom .

In Romans 8 verses 38-39 it tell us ... Neither death nor life , neither angels nor demons , neither the present nor the future , nor any powers , neither height nor depth , nor anything else in all creation , will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord .

That just about covers it all .

What a Blessing !! What A Benefit !!.

To Conclude

Psalm 103 verse 22

Bless the Lord , O my soul ...

Thank You Lord ... for All Your Benefits ... to Me

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author avatar Delicia Powers
2nd Feb 2013 (#)

wonderful page Stella-:0) I was not getting your posting notices...had to "re"follow you-I do not know what happened...

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
2nd Feb 2013 (#)

It happens that way for me too Delicia , I don't even know if you have written any posts lately , but you can read all my poems clearly without any being hidden on <poetrypoem.com/poet7479> i hope you find it and enjoy.
God bless you .

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author avatar Judy Ellen
3rd Feb 2013 (#)

How inspiring this is!!! Thankyou so much for writing on this subject and giving all those precious Bible verses!! I love the Lord with all my heart and I love God's Word!!

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
3rd Feb 2013 (#)

As do I . That makes you my sister . Welcome to my family as I yours .
Bless you

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author avatar Judy Ellen
3rd Feb 2013 (#)

By the way, may I post this on my facebook so my family can enjoy it??

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
3rd Feb 2013 (#)

Of course you may dear Judy , and any other poem you like . All for the glory of God , so His Words need sharing with others .
God bless you

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