What Keeps Me Going

Coral Attaberry By Coral Attaberry, 2nd Nov 2013 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Random things that keep me going in life and through all its stages.

What Keeps Me Going

My life is beautiful on so many levels. I've been blessed with what most will never have or even know. A wonderful, loving family, the true church of Jesus Christ, a safe place to live, a wonderful home, all the thing that make living comfortable.
But I guess when life's been "handed" to you, in a matter of speaking, there have to be other means or ways to help us grow and become who we are destined to be in this life.
For me personally, it's been depression, lacking a positive self image, things of that nature. But I've been able to work on these things in a safe, loving environment.
So, I know my blessings. I'm not blind or daft. I'm very spoiled, I know that.
But I do have my struggles. And if I do, then surely everyone else does. Since I really have no reason to struggle except for my own personal benefit.
So for one, EVERYONE IS STRUGGLING. Do not be convinced otherwise. Tied with that, everyone has bad days, moods, emotions, moments, etc. So with the knowledge that WE struggle, we should not only give ourselves a break, but the entire world as well. Because we deserve it. We deserve to be understood and loved and cared for despite our faults and weaknesses. We're only human.
Second, EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES. We're not perfect, nor should we expect perfection from anyone. Especially those we love. Working on our own weaknesses is enough of a life long task. It's the whole, nobody is perfect, love the sinner, hate the sin concept. When others are struggling, we should be encouraging and loving. If we feel like we need to do more, be prayerful and do it full of love. We are all sinners and beggars.
Last, for now, LIFE ISN'T MEANT TO BE EASY. If you expect it to be, you will be unhappy. It's a simple as that. Life is a time to grow, love, learn, and experience joy in its purest forms. To do so, we need to experience hardship. For how are we supposed to know what good feels like if we don't know bad? It's like if you've never been sick, you don't appreciate your health. You don't really know what being "healthy" means because it's what you've always known.
I guess I don't know what really keeps me going, except my God. And I feel like a lot of people feel like they don't even have that. So we should strive to be something that keeps others going. People need that. We all need that.
Be the good. I love you all, truly.


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author avatar Marooned Artist
2nd Nov 2013 (#)

i had fun reading your post. Nice realization. :)

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