What Were The Experiences Of Small Christian Comunities-Sccs In East Africa

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this page gives an overview of the small Christian communities in the region of east Africa, there is a lot of honour in having some meetings among the Christians as a family.

small christian communities in east africa

The aftermath of independence left many African states tense with regards to their present and future wellbeing. The process and the hard fought experiences were still fresh among the African people ; many lives were lost and a thousand people displaced in a situation believed by the local Africans to be an agenda by the white people to displace and erode their long established culture. )Bedowes (2001,54)
Though the Gospel was regarded as a basic ecclesiastic community, the shared and belief system had it lens focused on a accommodating long established African culture within the western way of worship so that concrete situation of the community which is based on social justice in a faith based vision is strengthened.
The latter thus proved that SCCs agenda in the East Africa countries was a calculated idea to emphasize a new beginning , whereby there could be a change in mind and attitude. This was in essence a trend to reverse the fresh believe in the Africans minds that the missionaries who happened to be white people was seen to be an attempt to re-colonize them again. SCCs was thus seen as a better tool to encourage closer relationships with the African faithful that could in essence generate an active participation of the lay in mission of the church. Gichure(2007,48)

The already existing missionaries in this countries felt that there was a rapid decrease in the number of foreign missionaries being sent to work in this countries as was attributed to the feeling ; “that Africa was unsafe place and hard to change people according to the western countries”, This hence necessitated the need to encourage local participation to instill a pronounced growth and development in the church without further reliance on missionaries whom future expectations in Africa was uncertain.

It is therefore important to note that that the main reason to adapt SCCs in East Africa was mainly ecclesiastical motivated, and the focus being the introduction of a re-newed way of mission work that strive to motivate African lay in the control of the church activities with a view to bring closer their perceived thoughts and life demands.
It is thus important to acknowledge that the main the objective that led to the development of SCCs was primarily ecclessiologically motivated. The aim being to establish a strategy whereby the young African churches would move out of their dependency and become self-reliant able to define their own life demands that influences integral human development in a more holistic way.


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